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Episode 1 001 Aren't you that heavy armor girl? by JimLiesman Episode 1 001 Aren't you that heavy armor girl? by JimLiesman

Four was depressed. She lost her armor, which was her asset for the career she wanted to build here. Now without it, she had nothing.


She had no other skill than fighting and physical activities, so for several days she only did menial work. Of course, those weren’t enough for her—it’s enough for eating and sleeping, but it’s not enough for her dream to be successful.


That night, Four was walking back to the inn. She was just done with work, and her body’s all aching while she only got money enough for her dinner. She passed the main road with her head hung when suddenly she recognized a voice.


“Hey! Aren’t you that heavy armor girl?”


The redheaded girl who saved Four several days ago called out to her. Thinking that she couldn’t just ignore her, Four answered and they talked a bit.


“It’s not a heavy armor. It’s a light armor.”


“But it’s not light at all! Ahahaha!”


As always, the redheaded girl was noisy as hell. Four also noticed that behind the girl, there were several people who talked to her. One was a petite girl with long black hair. Another was a masculine looking girl with short hair. Four wasn’t sure about the long haired guy in the back who kept barfing though.


“So, what happened? Why do you look so depressed?”


Four exhaled, and told the redheaded girl everything. Suddenly, the girl’s face brightened.


“Would you be interested in joining us? As you see, we all treasure hunters! A team, one would say. We actually have a vacant position! So? What do you think?”


Hearing that, Four made a sour smile. It seemed like the redheaded girl wanted to tell Four more but suddenly a scream was heard. It was from the dock which was close to where they were.

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