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This weekend April 10, 11th I will be at the Boston Comic Con!

Following weekend at C2E2 in downtown Chicago, April 16th, 17th, and 18th.

Then working in my cave til San Diego Comic Con in late July.

Cya around if yer in the neighborhood!

Til then, here are some quick iPad experiments!
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will you be in Italy for the next Napoli Comicon? I see your fine!
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You certainly keep busy you poor thing! :giggle:
TChij's avatar
Dude, I can't wait to come see you in a Con in the future. You better be working till then! :D
RPG8305's avatar
Glad you enjoy your new toy. I'll see you @ C2E2 and San Diego. Later, sir!
JennTiger's avatar
Being broke is lame. I don't get to meet the awesome Jim Lee because of it. *pout*
JoeJusko's avatar
Missed you in Paris, Jim!!!! Have fun in Beantown! I have to cancel due to a bad cold, unfortunately. :-(
Hamiltoons's avatar
The Boston show should be awesome! I'll have a table in artist alley. I am hoping to get an iPad soon. We'll see how the show goes this w/e.
darcat1530's avatar
Best of luck. Wish I could be there!
Hey Jim, I was just wondering if you going to be sketching at all @ C2E2?
AmaruStudios's avatar
See you this weekend, good sir! I'm looking forward to it.
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comic-cons are an excuse for artists to eat and drink too much and escape from work. Or it's what they think until they discover they only talked shop, drew stuff and worked on their deadline in the hotel room. But the lucky ones still get the fun and orange juice (or beer for the wild)!
And give workshops on negative space at 4:00 AM! LOL
I hope you have fun this year and you manage to escape the raving fans with your shirt in one piece!
EV214's avatar
hell yeah! let the comic-con season begin!
saw you @ wondercon sf
xTERYLx's avatar
Enjoy the Comic Con season :aww:
Doh, that's one of those reasons I'd love to live in the America - Meatings of comic fans... :dead:
I'm excited for your possible report from CC :w00t:
BAMFCentaur's avatar
Boston awaits you with bated breath!
MichaelWKellarINKS's avatar
Have a great Con Season...would like to see you at Heroes Con in Charlotte, NC this year or maybe next year ;)
shinlyle's avatar
Please come to Heroes Con, Jim!! It would be so awesome!!
MarWash's avatar
Oh man, so many marvelous artists are going to attend c2e2 :woohoo: I'll shall stalk you! :evillaugh:
Pegasus316's avatar
I will definitely be in Boston on Sunday. :) I'd love to be able to sit in on your panel that day. But, I'm fairly certain the lazy ass in me won't allow me to wake up in time to get there for it.
Salvador-Raga's avatar
When will we see you at the Florida Megacon?
fishcat101's avatar
love the i pad images,i saw your using a wacom to draw now how you finding it?
star-puppet's avatar
Hey I was wondering if you're ever going to come to NY? :D I would love to see you therexD
ckirkillustr8's avatar
Congrats on the D.C. thing.
EnMity88's avatar
Any chance you'll be going to NYCC?
ThorsAssassin's avatar
Heya Jim! I really would love to get down to the San Diego Comic Con and this may be the year. Also looking forward to DCUO Online that you have been working on! Always grabbing at any info you guys toss out there.
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