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My wife is expecting mid-October so I will not be attending NYCC...for those of you who are lucky enough to attend, have a great time and check out the amazing Superman costumes from the ages in display in the atrium.

Jim Lee
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NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! but congrats my wife and I just had our first baby in April!
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Congrats on the youngling, Jim!
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Congrats on another child!
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Also, some of you lot should really make a list of the sum total harassment and defamation campaign that you have been involved in, just for scale perspective, and then release it. For gawds sake, if one lone cripple is so scary that you cannot even stand for trying to methodically torture him to suicide, then you should definitely all consider the heroic ideal of courage that some of you claim to endorse. I'm just saying.
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I wish that you would all leave me alone by the way. I have enough problems without you adding to them.
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Sorry, keyboard glitch. That should have read:

"Hmm, no answer. It would be nice if some of you actually stood for what you are doing once in a while. If you display no integrity whatsoever and resort to lies and hate-speech, you have automatically lost any moral leverage whatsoever."

But seriously, I really don't get why exactly you lot have such a massive ongoing need to harrass, rape, degrade, and utterly destroy me. I have done very little, and afaIk harmless obscure things, yet you lot in sum total spew fanatic amounts of pure hatred against me for years.
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Is this really supposed to be "me"? I can't say that it is a very lifelike portrait...

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I was also hoping that Dallas was on that list.... Awesome work, I have X-Men #1 and WildC.A.T.s #2 signed and framed hanging on my wall.. looking to get more !
Damn it, was hoping Blizzcon would be on there.
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Hope to see you at SDCC!
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uh crud. And I was hoping you'd show up for Dallas Comic-Con This May. Oh well...I wonder if I can road trip to San Diego in time. :D
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Jim, I heard a rumour you may be coming to Australia for Supanova next year. Any chance (Fingers, eyes, toes and everything else crossed)
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I will definitely be at the Comic-Con in October. I hope to see you there...
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Holy Crap~! Jim's coming to NYCC~! gotta be there~!
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Sweet! Thinking of heading to New York Con (from Australia) so now one of my fav artists are going to be there, should be pretty much sealing the deal :D
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The Batman comic pages of mine have a little color, but still in the works. I don't know when it will be 100% done, but it is getting there :)
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NYCC !!!! That's what's up !!!!!
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Would be very cool to see you in Germany again :)
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You ever plan on coming to England?
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you should totally do gamescon....because im likely to be working the console gaming room lol.
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Is it absolutley necessary for a comic artist to attend a comic con? I read that from a source some where...
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