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iPad sketch of Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman using sketchbook pro on the iPad. 80 mins and my finger.
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Badass wonderwoman art picture
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AWESOME!!! Your Youtube video of you drawing Batman on the iPad inspired me to get an Android tablet and do my thing on it using Sketchbook Pro. Keep doing YOUR THING JIM!!!!
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that is awesome!
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i like the how the lips turned out, despite being a Lil blurry i think its quite pretty :)
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I'm just starting to learn... It's so hard 'finger painting' lol
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It's so amazing!!!! I loved it!!!
TotoThamari's avatar hazy and dreamlike
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With your finger?!!! Dude that's amazing. Teach me!!
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How did you upload this? I don't know how you got it like on here >< from the iPad I mean.... Also this is great! Much better than the picture I did
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That is beautifull Mr. Lee
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Whats the best drawling app on the ipad? Just wondering because that sketch is epic.
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WOW!! on the IPAD!!!!!!!
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can u draw on big canvas on ipad? like A3 300dpi without lagging?
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Which app did you use Jim?
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So it was you who did this, huh? I shoulda guessed.

Great work, makes me feel ashamed for using a stylus.
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A whole new meaning to finger painting. lol.
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