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iPad quick sketches

By jimlee00
All done on my iPad using Sketchbook Pro and my fingers. Tried to do em within a self-imposed 1 hour time limit. WW took 80 mins tho. Fun way to do quick sketches.
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meowwww ha ha love your cat woman.What did you use
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Hi Jim! I've started a new group just for touchscreen art called #CAPACITIVE I've submitted this to the group, I hope you'll participate!! I'd be honored!!!!!!!
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Ever thought of doing a comic using the iPad? It could end up really cool.
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Real cool Jim! It's amazing how the altered medium really changes your drawing style. I like it!
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Damn i really want to bee good as you! I did my first sketch yesterday (if you want, you could write a critic) but man i'm so far away from your level..... amazing!
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Wow, is there anything you cannot draw on? Maybe water... but i'm sure you would still find a way ;)
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This is just pure gorgeous!
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Jim, This piece inspired me to get an ipad and to start drawing again. I just finished my first piece on the ipad and posted it. Thank you for the insipration and doing such an amazing piece of work!
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it's our pleasure to inform you that we would like to review your work as a possible candidate for the next issue of our Italian Art-zine CAA (Call to Arts) "Cartoons". If you you agree to the terms below please send it to us we will let you know if your work will be accepted and when the E-zine will be out.

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dude i drew deadpool once at the apple store then i got hungry and went to look for some churros...and yeah idk where i was going with that story lol nice draw!!!! :D
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Ever tried the Nintendo DS pen to draw on your IPAD ? I would not be surprised to see them work on there. Also if you have time to check out another software here is the link: [link]


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Hi Jim, I was wondering if you ever tried those nintendo DS pencils to draw on the IPAD. I wouldn't be surprised that it works. Also check a Software called " Colors " it's a third party software and I think you could work it on your Ipad because it works on the Iphone and Ipod touch.


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dang.. makes me really want an ipad....
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bloody hell :O You used fingers? is there nothing like a pen to touch the i pad surface?
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Awesome, like everything else you do but that all couldn't be digital finger painting!!:wow: Was it!? Unless you have a collection of different sized severed fingers to use!:fear:
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Well, first time with a new tool and still a master of the board. COngratss is good to know you still drawing.
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i'll work for a day to get that kind of result...or more. :(
Shaky awsome. Love the detail in the gogles.
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