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Zealot Photoshop Color Rough

By jimlee00
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Just messing around. Probably took 10 mins to rough this all out in Photoshop. Playing with light, color, and design on a Cintiq monitor.

Shorthair Zealot from February 10th, 2006.
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This is so dope!!!
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my second favorite all-time superhero/ine. do you know how hard it is to find a poster of her (in your artwork, of course)?
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Great rendition of my favorite Wild Cat...woha:D (Big Grin) 
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Never failing to deliver great work, love it!!!
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Very cool use of colors.
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love zealot bro.
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this is vicious...
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That's you messing around .... wow
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Jim you'll always be my Idol
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one of my favourite pieces of art ever!
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Awesome! Really beautiful!
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god bless cintiq...since i have ot i can't stop to draw =)
and I do not participate any more at the amazonian forest ending haha
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zealot's a lot hotter with short hair.

this picture is really dynamic, love everything about it. the green tint makes it even more eye popping.

this is so damn good.
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One of the coolest characters in comic book history.
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Oh my God !! I love that woman. Really You are the one. Thank you for share that magnificent art, teacher.
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ten minutes?....wow.....

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i'm so damn jealous that you can bust out awesome work in no time at all.
Great job! [I] love and envy your talent:)
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Great technique, in a way simple and yet complex. Was it one of those monitors you can flip and draw onto?
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