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Wizard Wildcats cover no logo

By jimlee00
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Just to show I can draw something not Batman related...an old cover for Wizard sans logo, cropping and whatnot. Wanted to go for 60's pop art coloring style/presentation.

Inks by Scott Williams. Colors by Alex Sinclair. Project still in the works. I wish I didn't have to sleep. So much more productive that way...
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I took a shot at inking it over blued pencils 11x17 without ever have seen Stott's amazing inks until now. I hope you don't mind.
VOODOO LOVES GRIFTER - Jim lee pencils my ink by 13thRonin
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Aw man, that brings back memories.  I'm pretty sure I still have a box of old Image comics stuff in the basement.  Jim, you were always my favourite comic artist.  Always blew me away, no matter what project you were working on.  Glad I stumbled across this.  :)
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Absolutely love this one.
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You should return to WildC.A.T.S someday!
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loved WildC.A.T.S. back in the day!
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I loved your stuff on Wild C.at.s. I followed you from X-men to Image Comics back in the 90's & I thought your work on Wild Ca.t.s & Deathblow just blew the marvel stuff outta the water.
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wait...didnt i see a g.i. joe thing like this? with scarlett and snake? same pose and everything
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This is amazing!!!
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Nice work as always. I miss that book any chance of it coming back?
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One of my fav. books as a teen back in the 90's!
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Hey Jim it's been a while. You don't know me but I was a fan for years till I stopped reading comics. I've always loved your work. You're the only guy I think who did the X-Men Justice.
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Grifter and Gambit. My two favorite from Jim Lee!
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"...I wish I didn't have to sleep..." LOL I've always told myself that all my life. But at least you solved the familyhood part. :O
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glad to see you on DA Jim!
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You, sir, are an inspiration. You are also very likely "the best there is at what you do." To be honest what you do is pretty awesome.
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i don't know anything about wildcats but this masked man looks awesome
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Great stuff, Jim. I've been a fan every since uncanny X-men. Your are a master. Love the detail. You always makes me want to draw.
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Ooooooooooooo! Voodoo!!! I loved her! I actually tried to be her character for Halloween but never made it past the door...Go figure ;) Wildcats was Bomb! God! Those were the days! Some BADASS shiyot!
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I know exactly how you feel! I wish I could clone myself for menial things like sleep and eating. That still might not work...

Anyway, love the image. It is still great going back and reading all of those great Wild C.A.T.S. issues. Any chance you'll do some more?
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Ah ...the good ole...decade. 1990's....where are we now.
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Wow I have this comic...what a memorable era :)
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