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Wildcats Maul old design work

By jimlee00
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Concept art for Maul from relaunch...may be used? We shall see. Did a lot of quick pencil sketches with simple colors on the mac. Wanted to restyle some of the characters. This probably won't be used but it's in the direction I wanted to go.
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Very cool design!
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Maul was always my favorite of the WildCATS, so it's awesome to see something new for the character. I would love to see his character developed some more; but I don't know if his design should be pushed too far into "inhuman" otherwise it won't feel like the same guy. So what's this about a relaunch? It's hard to believe that August 2012 marks the 20th anniversary of the WildCATS, so any big plans to celebrate that milestone?
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very good concept bro!
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Okay, WHAT THE FUCK?! I go to Comic Art Community to see this image, only it was fucking blocked out as well! Can you please tell what is going on? Is this image banned for some reason? Did you not want people copying it or something? Why?

*sigh* fuck it. I'm not coming back to this pic. Screw the headaches. I'll never fucking see it.
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This is bullshit--I want to see your art, yet every time I come here, I just see this damn blank gray deal. If it isn't too much trouble, I don't suppose you could set up a download option, could you? It'd be appreciated.
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Always liked your sketch work, very nice
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I still prefer the original one, this one looks like a creature on online games. anyway, still a fantastic vrsion.:):thumbsup:
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How do you like the Mac? And which one are you using?
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U draw Batman with 4 ears and Maul with no ears...???
What the....???
Man...I just don't get U anymore. ?:??
That's just to cerebral....

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I´m prefer this version is more orgânic and dynamic too .^^
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brilliant drawing!
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Awesome, if [link] gets a relaunch with Jim lee back on pencils (I have most of his origional run on the series) I'm definately picking up the book. Great thing about Jim is he said he not a huge fan of continuity (he said something like that at a convention once) he prefers to just drop in and read a book. Hopefully I'll just be able to pick them up and read them without missing too much. Can't wait to see the new Grifter design.
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Next to Grifter, Maul was one of my favs. I like the fact that the bigger he got the more he would grow simpler of mind.
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Really like the face here...very emotive.
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re launch? cool
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what were your thoughts on the change from the original design?
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I never did understand the tusks, are they just there to make him unique?
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I'd like to see the WildCATS back in full like in volume one and two!!!!
This design is amazing, he's meancing and dangerous!!!!
It should be used! ;)
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Ah I miss the Wild Cats that was a fun show.
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I actually like this version better than the original.
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