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WS Fantastic Four Art Jam

By jimlee00
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Occassionally, all the WildStorm Studios artists like to sit down and do a jam. We've done all sorts of characters from the Watchmen to the Bat family to this one...the Fantastic Four. I won't ruin the surprise and ID who did what but one figure was actually done by an ex-WildStormer who works at Sony Online Entertainment and helps oversee the concept art we do on behalf of the DCUO.

Obviously, it is NOT finished...will post more when/as it progresses.

And yes, I used a thin, flat 1/2 wide brush, only slightly loaded with india ink to ink my part of the piece. That and whiteout...always the ubiquitous whiteout...

Anyone sharp enough to ID who did what so far? Winner gets a cookie.
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I'm guessing jjkirby?
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ah heck ill just fave every thing^^ because........... your my fav artist^^
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This is incredible! I love the detail, it's incredible!
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victor von doom dr.doom done by jim lee
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Eddie Nunez DEF did the Human Torch, Jim DEF did doom, i'd say levio on surfer and kirby on thing?
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well since jack kirby might be dead i dont think hes drawing that one hahahha but good call
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I was talking about JJ Kirby :/
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oh nevermind i knew that
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insane talent !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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mm...mmh.. If I should guess.. I say it's The Fabulous Travis Charest! (on sue storm at least) ..mm the others, I think jhonny it's by Ed McGuinness, YOU (of course) on Doc Doom.. the others...aarrggh! I can't recognize them! (yet)

I keep trying!!
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Boring and lame pose. Your anatomy still needs work along with your shading.
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WOW! AWESOME!!! ...but then again, you are Jim "The Master" Lee, so ;-) Cheers!
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pretty much a waste of time and talent!
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I don't know the artwork of the guys who don't draw comics. So knowing that Jim and worked on it...
...I'd say the Thing and Sue Storm were drawn by Matt Broome.

Other guess would be the Doom face is by Jim Lee.

The other characters don't look familiar in style to me... so I'd guess those were drawn by the video game guys.

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i have a feeling that you did the surfer. his pose is very similar to the general poses you used to give batman when you were doing hush and ASBR... his head shape and eyes too... i've also noticed that you're not afraid af adding lots of absolute blacks for shading.. my ultimate guess is Lee on silver surfer.. am i right? =)
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Well I know you drew Doom the others I don't know.
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You did Doom, Oliver Nome did Invisible girl, Nunez did human torch, Williams did Mr. Fantastic, Kirby did Galactus, and the SS is Matt Broome. I hope that's all right, I really want that cookie!
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awesome jam!!!!:clap:
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richard friend for sue
ryan benjamin for the thing
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Kenneth Rocafort worked on Dr. Doom. For sure.
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Damn terrific jam!!!!
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human torch looks a bit talent caldwell to me and galactus looks chris sprouse?
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