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The Boys cover black and white

By jimlee00
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The black and white inked Boys cover I did for Garth, Nicky and Darick. What a book!....the Boy's is a crazy intense rollercoaster of a whirlwind of a title...and I wanted to capture just a bit of the dark, ultraviolent sickness Garth and Darick sprayed across the face of comics heh.
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Love this! Butcher is as bad a man as they come!

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Don't fuck with the Butcher.
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mi ricorda molto il Punischer 
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Your line work is nuts
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awesome detailing...
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Billy Butcher is such an utter, utter bastard.
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big master!!!!!
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Awesome! your drawing always has such feeling. You never cease to amaze me.

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This is awesome! Love the feel of it. Has a little bit of a Sin City feel to it. You never cease to amaze me.

Thanks for the inspiration
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Excellent rendition of Billy the Butcher. He is really a great character. Too bad he does not exist in both Marvel and DC Universes. He would make the Punisher look like an amateur when it comes to violence...
Or wot?
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Hey Master! I love your all jobs. Long live and be happy.
Force be with you. :meditation:
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I think you did the gritty violent angle very nicely! the Noir effect is a homerun.
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I LOVE THIS COMIC! And this cover.
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I LOVE THIS COMIC! And this cover.
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This is a very compelling title work.
It promises a lot of wonderful things in the contents of the book itself.

I'll be looking forward to seeing this book in publication.
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Wow this is stunning work!
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The boys are back in town. :wow:

Man, is that guy squeezing the other guy's windpipe?? >.> that is intense...nice work on this...the detail alone is stunning. Seriously...I think i want to read this book now...Is its title Boys or is it The Boys?? this looks like it could be one hell of a read...
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Totally raw and crude. I love it. The inking is sublime and fit the scene 100%. The splatters add to it's filthyness :headbang:
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Love expression!
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this is incredible! every line and drop of ink is just perfection!
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I faved this picture like last year, buy I never noticed, it almost looks like there's a "Skull" face on the shadow of the dude with the bat's sleeve. =P
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