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Superman Unchained #6 cover art

Wanted to do something very different in terms of how Superman's powers are used and expressed. Hope it "reads" as intended...
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A truly iconic piece of artwork. Kudos to you, mah man. 8-)

Still can't understand why DBZ FanBoys would think Goku can somehow kick his ass. :shrug: =p
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It shows you that love what you do! Your style has changed a little over the years, but the anatomy you draw is iconic! I want to be that good and quick as you are one day.
HI! This is may work! ;) Sir Templariux Power - Luis Gabriel Trejos Duque - by TREJOSCOMICS
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You're my hero Jim! 
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Something that I find very hard is getting the art to speak. To show power and intimidation, and this is something that you do really well.

Love your work!Heart 
P.S. I got your, "Icons: DC and Wildstom the art of Jim Lee" book
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Dear Jim Lee my name is 28ear and I am a big fan of your work. The reason for this commentl is because I this is not a request or a demand but because i have something on my mind that I would like to akso you. please respond to this comment as soon as you can wamr regards 28ear.
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Mate what are you on about
Honestly I don't remember since it was months ago when I made that comment but thanks for replying anyway.
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Kaori V Icon This is amazing! Do you have tutorial?
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is that darkseid? He looks naked.
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best artist in all of DC and the comics business 
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I see, that’s cool! Kind of like in anime where after delivering the finishing blow they turn and face the screen (lol) nice, I like it. And yes, I can read it; you can see the remnant of Superman’s Heat Vision around the villain, loving this concept.
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Hello Jim Lee,

Do you usually have any tricks for drawing torso side-muscles? (Ie. gut, ribs, hip, waist, etc...)
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Amazing, the power that emanates from the picture is amazing.

But if I may, it looks like superman have 6 fingers^^.
you are one of the greatest comic artist I hope I can draw like you some day
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You never fail to amaze us!
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