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Superman 211 Cover Linework

By jimlee00
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After the loose gestural figurework and composition is done, I refine and make the hard choice and pick the exact lines which form the silhouettes of the figures and design the background to create an abstract, almost graphical background.

You can see all the various poses I tried out for both characters...there are legs and arms and fists all over the page...erased but you can still make many of them.
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Awesome line work as always. I am anticipating on getting Superman Unchained. Keep up the good work!
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Hey Jim what is you favorite pencil? HB? 2B?
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From the faces to the hair, limbs, just everything about this is great.
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Dang I wish I could be like this someday as a comic artist
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Love it. Lots of energy here.
Simply put, your pencilling is perfect.
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Nice work! As always! :)
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Rough sketches are the bomb!
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I can draw very similar to this, but then my skills take a dive once I add in all the shading. How do you visualize lighting so well?
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wow, it's amazing to see your process!!!
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I love this cover
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Looks good, man.
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Brave enough to show that you're thinking of new ways to impact the viewer! All props to you Jim for letting that process be seen as it develops. Thanks for the look!!
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One of my favorite "battle" covers!
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Excellent work
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very nice work! you did a fantastic job!
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How much time take complete the basic lines?
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Damn! Just blows my mind to see this... turn into [link]
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Do you do any Cleaning up on the computer afterwards, or just do allot of erasing before you say its finished?
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I loved that cover ! Good to see it in a step by step way :)
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Cool, love these layouts that you're posting up
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