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Star Trek Enterprise Project

By jimlee00
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Done for the Starship Enterprise Project...an art exhibit by Paramount Pictures in advance of the new motion picture.

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This will probably make me sound stupid, but who is the chick you painted on the saucer? It is a thing of beauty . . .
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Amazing! Would love a model like that!
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Did you win? I hope at least get 2nd place!
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What's that on the saucer section?
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how can i get one and what does it cost?!
those were fucking AWESOME!!!
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I'm pretty sure I saw thisin person, displayed in Providence RI, when I went to see the early IMAX showing of Star Trek on April 24th; badass!
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this movie might get me into star Trek, not a big fan...
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Beautiful work, as usual. :)
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amazing as always nice to see a touch of strange mixed in. the life of the ship.
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great work! how big are the models?
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Alot like the vader head gallery they did fer star wars a while back? Awesome artwork on it too btw.
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that's quite cool, mr.lee.
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Man the stuff you're doing with whiteout now looks so good, nice to see star trek giving props to the comics industry.
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Amazing work! Great canvas as well! :D
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Great work man, faved!
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I'm guess these are by invitation only.

Looked at the others on the site, so far other than maybe the space dragon, this is by far the best.
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