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Spotlight on Batman

Started out as a study then decided to go ahead and finish it up and polish it. Still some rough edges (literally) but I always loved the scratchy ink styles like that of phenomenal artists Klaus Janson or Bill Sienkiewicz.
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Composition looks Grand! for the Dark Knight!
Spectacularly made! :D
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Hey Jim,

Your work looks awesome as always. You might not remember me but we crossed paths way back in your X-men days just before IMAGE  I knew you & Todd back then. I penciled a bit for DC & MARVEL,....even had Dobson doing covers for me when I filled-in on Team Titans. Since then I went into military service, several tours in the Middle East. 

Now I'm back an I'm trying to get back into penciling again but it's been slow.

Anyways take care 


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That's Awesome. !Love 
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Is this pencilled and inked? 
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he pencils then inks
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Godlike... No shit. Big up for this
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You draw Batman is one of my favorite
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Love the gritty feel to this one. I miss the stuff you did where it was very loose and a lot of sketch lines. I can't remember the character. You went crazy with the wrinkles. He was a hit man or something. Anyways, that style rocked. I would like to see you do another book like that. I remember he wore a bandanna. What was the name of that character, I would like to get those books. It was in the 90's I think.
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Brilliant sketch...Hats off!

im sorry to ask, but, isn't batman's shadow done wrong......?

i dont think the the shadow would tilt......... it would be bigger, ofcourse but it wouldnt tilt...........

Brilliant, again..... :D
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I think it would tilt because the light is tilted as we'll.
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Doesn't matter, does it? I mean, in the 70's comics, the shadow of Bruce Wayne was that of Batman, so...
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You early Image guys were the reason I picked up pencils ... now I have discovered you work again I picked them up again ! ..
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I just did one like this but sadly enough no where near as good as this! :( I'm not giving up! I dont care how much better you are than me! Any chance you weren't always this good???? Keep up the great work!
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As always. Perfection!

God Bless!
John Dixon
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thanks for all that you do, the art, the hard work, and the conventions. I'm a huge fan and I feel a lot of other comic book artists rip your style off. You've always tried to separate yourself from the rest of the pack, you truly inspire me to make my own artwork true to myself and my style.
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This is for me the "classic" one for batman!
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I like this picture a lot as it is so simple, yet so effective
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