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Savage Land Rogue WIP: Shadows

By jimlee00
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After the layout sat on my desk for a couple of days, I went back in and tightened up areas that didn't look right (it's good to have some time to gain perspective) and then I take a lead stick holder and use the side of it to lay down my black areas. To add form, shadow, indicate texture but most importantly, to create depth and a feeling of light and 3-dimensionality. I squint a lot during this process to make sure the black areas are forming the basic shapes I want to create.
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Hey Jim,
Why don't you make a book with steps like this and your comments.
It would be very useful.
Atula Siriwardane
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Mind if I ask what dimensions you work with when making these illustrations and/or comic covers/pages?

This composition has great flow, by the way.
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great! thanks for sharing your knowledge.
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I love Jim Lee's Rogue! You are the best and greatest sir.
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amazing pencils
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still hacking away at your style
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Can't wait... hope to see this finished soon, Mr. Lee!

-- Stephen
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Wonderful work thus far! Cant wait to see the finished product! :D
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Love the expressive line style to your sketch!

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THE Jim Lee on DA... :wow:
exceptional work, as always! and an X-man to boot!
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Just a geek question -- what kind of lead is in the leadholder at this stage? 2H?
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I love you Jim!.. wait!? i mean.... i love your artwork.. =) You are the man.. I will see you soon...
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Wow, can't wait to see the finished product.
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It's nice to see you begining more one peace of art!

hey master
what the name of this paper??
I need to buy it
hehehe ¬¬
(I'm a future master too)
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You have to squint?


Sorry. I do think it's awesome that it's on a DC board. Can't wait to see the finished piece.
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Great process Jim. No one draws Rogue with curly hair like you!

Love the fact that you're on DA now. Welcome!
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Wow...thanks for the tips...great art!
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Negative Spaaaace! @^@
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beautiful, man. just beautiful...
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great line art sir even in rough sketch... :)
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Hmmm, yet another shining example of something that would make an awesome tutorial in Sketch Magazine, Jim!
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