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Savage Land Rogue WIP: Detail

By jimlee00
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After I chunk in the blacks and squint to make sure the shapes actually form different planes and essentially look well balanced and composed aesthetically, I go in with a .5mm mechanical pencil, HB lead, and start capturing and better defining shadows and add detail and rendering. I work left to right sometimes so that I don't smudge any of the final pencils.
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I'm gonna spend half an hour staring at that rock...then Ima try it my own way o_o



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Ha! Rogue on DC paper. Awesome picture!
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Doesn't all that detailing drive you insane sir? :faint: - or is it just a matter of getting in the zone and you dont notice it anymore? ^_^
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Amazing Work M.Lee!
Loved the series back then (and still do!)
Rogue looks so damn' beautiful under your pen! :)
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Is this all on the same piece of paper or do you us a lightbox and its on multiple pieces?
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I hate lightboxing anything...I layout and draw and ink all on the same page unless I am forced not to...
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so how do you keep your work so clean, I don't see any signs of previous layout work or anything on the piece.
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Incredible as always!
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Can't wait to see the finals, I am working on my own version right now, testing out your teachings hands on!
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Awesome, and we can learn a lot from your comments.
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Thanks again for sharing how you do your magic!!!
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girls are always pretty in savage suit !
great sketche...
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It's great to see the process and to see your art coming together in stages like this. It's also great to know what you were doing and thinking at each stage. Thanks for sharing!

And working from left to right like that strikes me as unusual. But cool! :)
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Thanks for talking about your techniques. Always wanting to learn.
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can't wait to see the full detail :)
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Man, your processes are awesome. Thnx.
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Ay Jim, that's a fully there, bro. ;-)
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Hello Jim, may seem very simple outline its already shows how much you know about composition and dark masses congratulations ^ ^
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This step by step stuff is awesome Thanks so much for all of this
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gorgeous pencilling, and it's so good to see your process...I always wondered what your steps were.
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Rogue has always been my favorite character, and what got me into reading comics. Her time in the Savage Land was certainly one of the most interesting times in her life, nearly getting involved with Magneto.

btw, there is an artist on DA that does a 'savage land' series. He takes favorite character and draws them with similarly deteriorated costumes.
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i love the angle on that, we are eye level with her panties. did you do that intentionally or did it just happen.
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