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Enterprise Project WIP 8

Tubes and cables done with Pentel whiteout sticks and silver metallic Sharpies. Stars done with a splatter off a playing card. The stars get darker going from right to left to keep the focus on the main figure and saucer element.
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Mar 23, 2009, 4:28:58 PM
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martenas's avatar
I wish to one day, be an art pimp like jim lee. :)
AlsUrrutia's avatar
Pimp my Enterprise :D
KreepingSpawn's avatar
stunning. ;)
not something you see often. most people want their scale models true to 'life' an pristine!
IMKerrusin's avatar
Oh look! The Enterprise has a cloaking device! lol.

Nice job with the effects. Wished they would've gave this effect to the starship in the series. =) That would be interesting.
I have never used a playing card for splatters before. I have used a toothbrush for an airbrush painting of space I did on velvet (yeah,velvet).
samuraikiruku's avatar
Hey Jim,

What media did you use?
adamstolterman's avatar
how cool is that! Awesome.
also, i will follow your work forever!
ScorpionFan's avatar
lol that's cool :D
cantas78's avatar
absolutly great work
ahxkim's avatar
wow this looks awesome, i grew up reading uncanny xmen and X-Men #1 when you was on marvel, you also inspired me to keep drawing which i still do today. I might try that white out style too.
silverskies8's avatar
you are the Man of art!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Carthoris's avatar
Ever think of auctioning it off for charity?

Or for your own self? :D
SeanE's avatar
this is now up on the official site --> [link]
jimlee00's avatar
Oh that's been up since the day I put up my images....thought I had put the link in somewhere. Maybe it was at my myspace page. Heh, sorry, for the confusion.
Awtew's avatar
That's the spaceship version equivalent to a ghetto lowrider car with airbrushed murals of a 'Chica' on the hood.

zup, es-seh!
Hamiltoons's avatar
Gorgeous! Man, being an artist and a Star Trek fan I'd love to get involved with stuff like this!
Awesome Jim, love this one!:D
theRealJohnnyCanuck's avatar
Way to Pimp Kirk's Ride!

stalk's avatar
My wife just leaned over my chair in the studio and asked me if she was a Vulcan or a Romulan. All I know for sure is that she isn't a Tribble.

Great work as usual, boss.
dio-03's avatar
this is really cool, considering the canvas.
ChrisSummersArts's avatar
Is this for the Painted Enterprises exhibit (not sure of the actual name of the exhibit) that is going to be traveling around?

Looks great of course!!
Heiderich-Luvur's avatar
Oh, my, that is extremely epic.
BujuMan's avatar
now that is a war ship.
mistermoster's avatar
Looks totally awesome; it must be intersting to work on a "canvas" like that :D
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