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Batman over Barcelona inked

Black and White cover I did for Batman in Barcelona: Dragon's Knight written by Mark Waid. That's the surrealistic gothic spires of the incredible Sagrada Familia in background. Saw em back in '94 or '95...can't wait to see them again at the end of May.
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Do you ink in places not in a continuous line?
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Excellent black & white!!!
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Welcome to my town, Batman!
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thanks for showing us all the process of this piece!!
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I love how you can see the progress of this image slowly coming together. This is the kind of work that continues to make me draw
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Truly inspirational, I am a huge fan.
It would be amazing to colour something of yours one day.

I am currently doing a project at my college were I have to do work for someone to get experience in the real world. It would truly be an honour and a privalege to colour anything for you.
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I'd love to be able to practice my coloring technique on this piece if you don't mind.:)
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Jim may I have your permission to do a color job on this piece?
The Hero Maker
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u really have to teach me how to do this jim..hahahahaha...wicked COOL!!!!
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Batman really dominate the image.
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wow batman in spain just in fron of the la sagrada familia de antoine again...
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I really like seeing details - that aren't really 'details..they're just small blobs that give the illusion of detailing. :clap:
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heh it's the European version of your first Batman (hush) cover=]
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This black and white would make a great poster...I'd like to see it subway sized.
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Gotta have this issue.
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always love when you ink your own work!, batman and every thing in the foregrond is very solid! the cathedral from batmans cape down is well rendered too. if this is a cover then colors may correct it but the four spires stiking up thru the clouds bother me slightly. the areas where they over lap the black parts of the clouds is good, its that big white area right in the middle. i think its the very fine outline of the spires ontop of the white space... i almost think they should be rendered like the lower half of the cathedral there the mind fills in the blanks...

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I've been to the Sagrada Familia a few years ago, I love your take on it. Awesome stuff Master Lee!
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Hmmmm.... I don't know why, but this image looks kind of rushed. Don't know what it is, although his leg looks to go in the structure, like he's Kitty Pride. I like the background though and great piece nonetheless.
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Very nice. I love the hatching :D
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still... pushing the poll! lol
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