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Batman and Tower

A piece I did in 4 hours for my daughter's school's annual fundraiser.
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JIM LEE 😖😖😖😖I CAN'T BELIEVE THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU ARE A LEGEND!!!!!!!MY HERO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Denisaburo's avatar
Omg ! You are my favorite artist jim !!!
NovaLynx's avatar
Jim Lee never disapoints
beanbandit69's avatar
oh,wow I get Bernie Wrightson vibes!
TheGraphicNovelist's avatar
That's an awesome thing for you to do man!
Still the best dang comic artist
was this only in ink? It is beautifully done.
JackLavy's avatar
Jim this is amazing.
As much as I love artists like Adi Granov or Alex Ross, you top them at so many aspects.
You got soul man!
Rahuzeru's avatar
Great portrait of the Bat, I have always regarded your Batman as the most brilliant portrayal of Batman yet. Keep your amazing work coming!
Leancosta's avatar
4 hours? Pretty neat job.I always thought it took you less time to turn out something like that. Anyway,plain simple and amazing.
AshtonRoxander's avatar
You're my FAVORITE ARTIST. Like....ever.
CarlosART80's avatar
moonman86's avatar
hello mr lee id like to talk to you
jose036's avatar
wow,awesome!! :O
alvinvergara's avatar
very awesome! I'm a fan of your artworks, sir.
bondmartini's avatar
awesome!!! I am a fan of your artwork Jim, since I bought Batman Barcelona... you know Batman like nobody :batman:
Congrats!!! regards from Barcelona
Franzoi's avatar
Great job! Congrats!
...a day I will arrive this level...
:) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)
wayner8088's avatar
Lucky daughter :wow: Fantastic work as always Jim :D
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