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Batman Inferno WIP

By jimlee00
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Started this piece in my hotel room in Cairns, Australia back in November of 2008....that's how long I carry art around with me. This piece, done for fun, has literally travelled the world heh. Anyway, I really should have scanned it earlier as it is about 67% done at this point. The plan is to do a lot of fine line work (see lower left area of the piece) to create a textured inferno to offset the more "gooey" oil-like rocks Batman is perched on. The idea was essentially Batman overlooking hell.

So mostly the fire needs work...a bit more in the rocks and then some whiteout corrections/cleanups and effects.

Just trying something different than the traditional rain/moon/cathedral background.

Poor man's Berni Wrightson. Hell...flatbroke Wrightson lolol

Will post further WIPS every day as I basically warm up, noodling parts of this piece here and there. But I make sure to have my composition, my negative space and my shapes and shadows set before I jump in too deeply in the details.
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I loved your art... you are the master! ... :)

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This is so awesome! I love the way you draw Batman!
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I BOUGHT this at Comicon '10!
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I BOUGHT this at ComicCon '10!!
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Is this really jim lee?
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Love it. This Batman reminds me of a mix of your usual take on batman mixed with Tim Sales. Very well done..
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Totally appreciate you posting how you work on things in steps.
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I love the pose. I'm gonna paint this for my art class, if that's okay with you. :]
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Hey there I have featured your work here [link]

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great work so far , looks done to me !!!!
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all i can say is i admire your ways of drawing and this is awsome wow what type of ink you use for this piece man cant get enough
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That is so awesome!
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Kind of evil this Batman, but still cool
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Love your Batman stuff!
This piece is no exception! Great stuff!
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I love the brush work in the fiery background!
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15-20 minutes of work at a time eh..... sounds like a good idea to get something epic done.....
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Very cool looking so far!
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nyehehe..cool :giggle:
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Sweet work here.Can I mind meld with you and steal a few abilities?
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