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Batman Inferno Final

Bits and pieces added up and it got done! Now onto my work for the evening...
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Inferno never looked so good sir!
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I feel bad for the criminal right now! 
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what can I say ?....just wonderful
i've never seen a batman artwork as good as this. wow!
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I like the motion of the piece. Feels alive.
You were born to draw Batman
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Wow. Truly amazing! :)
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will never grow tired of looking at this! :P
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This is so AWESOME, dude!

I've been a longtime fan of your artwork, and I'm not just saying that! The first Batman comics I ever collected were the "Batman: Hush" issues! I have the collected edition now, because I missed a couple issues, and it's one of my favorite Batman storylines ever!

I even saw you at ComicCon this last summer! I didn't talk to you, since you had a huge line, and I didn't have the time or patience, and I didn't even see the end, so I just took a couple of pictures of you on my old cell phone! Sorry if I sound creepy to you at all, but you're one of my FAVORITE ARTISTS!!!

Please check out my pics, sometime, and let me know what you think! Please…? :D
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awesome lighting! , classical pose of batman ready to attack but the "claroscuro" is great-
you've been a huge inspiration to me man, ever since I saw the art of Superman: For Tomorrow I've never looked at comics quite the same way.
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awesome picture :) i love it
but sry for the print request my screensaver activated itself while i was watching tv.. and when i clicked to make it disappear i clicked on "request print"
sry^^ :D
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i think u shoulda done the cross hatching on the legs too cause it looks like it is not the same style
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