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Batman Barcelona rough layout

I wanted to pose Batman more upright, almost in parallel to the spires of the magnificent Sagrada Familia and took an artistic liberty of posing him on an arch "erected" entirely so he would be on the same height as the cathedral. I made the cape more cloak like, made of heavy material, billowing in the wind and spotted the blacks in horizontal swatches of triangular shapes to contrast with the more up and down vertical lines of the spires and the torso and legs. Batman can not be bigger nor more imposing than the cathedral but reflective of its power and majesty.
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Do rough layouts ended up being the final product?
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Not all the time, in some cases an artist will do 5 different layouts/ideas before finding the right fit.
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I bought this comic and wow, is a great one.
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I'm seeing if I can draw this and I not doing so bad but it not like what you see here.:D
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SHIT. The artistic explanation is so awesome. So this is how a Master internalizes his work before he puts it on paper. :D very awesome!!! JIM LEE YOU'RE THE BEST!!! :D
your rough's are way more solid than my roughs!!
Is this done in pencil, or is it a pen?
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So this is the way Jim start his works. Mmmh.
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It's all about perspective ^_^
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a true inspiration as always!!
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Actually I like this version of this picture the most, this way - rough. I think it looks better.
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I'd still love all these in Sketch Magazine, Jim.

I love the amount of thought that goes into one of your pieces. It always shows in the end result.
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is this the project you're working that gabriele dell otto works too? the batman europe?
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so far so good
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Great composition,power and majesty.

thanks for the break down of the image made my day.
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Wow, that's very sketched, it's awesome !
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-Batman can not be bigger nor more imposing than the cathedral but "reflective of its power and majesty."

This is why I'm not on you're level, I'm more like Batman in front, buildings in back-Bam! Done. (That and practice.) :cries:
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Very nice, fluid, interesting to see really, i usually don't think of great comic book work starting out this sketchy but clearly your handle on anatomy, perspective, illustration ETC, is solid so you can just create, good stuff. I never wanted to draw comics but the realism and accuracy is something i want to achieve.
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