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Batman Barcelona rough inks

By jimlee00
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Here I add the detail which adds complexity, nuance, and texture but not at the expense of the composition and the balance of the piece which was already established in stage two. I kept it loose for the background to create a shorter depth of field and to pop the more detailed, gritty foreground off the simpler, more chiaroscuro background.
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original and the best 
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i wnato to tell u that i love ur work ,a nd also i wanto get one of the comoics of xmen 1
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I like to see the proccess. So this is the way you balance the black zones.
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I like it again! I wish I had some of those paints to ink my stuff that way, but for now I'll just keep using Photoshop...
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this looks so good! what kind of markers did you use?
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The deep black makes great contrast.
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Love the inks
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wow, the final piece is great but those rough inks are amazing!
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Looks a lot better here. Inks look really good even if it is just a rough. I think it might look better if you put a small highlight on the inside of his left calf so it doesn't dissapear into the black, but other then that it looks amazing :D
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I'm pushing the poll! lol
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Nice texture in the clouds and by squinting I can see where you're building up your blacks. It's great to see folks who can ink their own stuff. I always kill my work but I'm not much of an inker to begin with.

Any chance you'll load up the pencils you did for the variant Umbrella Academy: Dallas issue?
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you see i can learn from these but all the stuff you just said i do not understand
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