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Batgirl in 6 easy steps STEP 5

By jimlee00
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There are many ways to separate foreground from background and the color white can be especially powerful on a colored midground field. I use whiteout to create volume by pulling out the shine and highlights on the form (essentially anything curved gets a white dab or streak of color to show the shape is 3-D and is reflective an off camera light source) and then on top of it, I just throw white in the background using my fingers as brushes. The idea is to pop her off the green and create some moody atmosphere at the same time.

I also use the white out as a graphical element, outlining her silhouette which is the crudest and simplest way of popping the figure off the same colored background.
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Love this step!!!!
Extraordinary effect! No wonder why i appreciate your work!
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Really nice sketch.
Btw, that white reminds me of something, but I'm too polite to say of what...
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nice technique, never herd of that!
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I always appreciate the process, Jim. Thanks for posting!
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Aw man, once you start splattering stuff, that's when things get fun! I love it!
How come you use white out as opposed to acrylic or gouache or something? I always thought white out has kind of a yucky texture.
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Thats fantastic! Great job man! :D
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WOW!!! thats damn nice
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great tutorial from one of the best in the business.
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If I was 16 and Jim Lee had a Deviant Art account where he showed WIPs, I'd poop my pants.

You kids betta rekognize

gotta love this age of information.
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Its nice to have a clue an idea how a pro does it :)
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awesome! love her expression !!
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Um, wow. These are really informative and you're quite right, the white-out really makes Bab's body and her hair ';pop out' as if they were 3-D.

You're the man!
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