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American Vampire Pencils

Pencils I did for Vertigo book called American Vampire. Scanned the pencils into Photoshop then overlayed with watercolor paper texture and then did some digital coloring and painting work on it.
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This has a cool Nestor Redondo vibe to it, which suits the subject matter very well.
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Cool, I grew up with your stuff, and always wondered how far you guys went into other domains outside of the super hero genre. It would be an awesome display of artwork in another direction. I'll search for more stuff like this on you.
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Love your works! :)
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God this is amazing

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This is fantastic as is somewhat expected of you of course I love the look and style of american vampire and these pencils are well up to your usual great standard.
The faces are my favourite part of this.

Would love to try an ink of this some time (err if that is okay)
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Frickin awesome American Vampire is the stuff! I shoulda knew when I saw this that you drew it, Pearl and Skinner look so dope! Mad props!
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Great art pic I want read that book
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Man,you are among the artists whose sketches delight me the most.Your pencil works are always very inspiring and straight to the point so to say.
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Once I saw this in the back of the book, in the covers section, I instantly fell in love with it.
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On a website you are said to be the best comic book artist of 2011 O . O I'm thinking I believe it.
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wow. i can't wait to show some of these to my sons!
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nice penciling..
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awesome peice,must have missed this one:D
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Love the detail on Skinner Sweet! All your work is phenomenal!
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no thing beats Jim Lee. NOTHING.
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This is Amazing, Jim...
I like the close-to-nature textures...
When you do them it looks very beautiful...
I wonder how would you feel about Manga Studio and ARTRAGE....
Both are close to real.. and quite flexible...

All the best..
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I wish to see his version of the American Vampire!
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