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Windows Seven Start Menu v2.0 for xwidget



A FULL FUNCTIONAL Start Menu Windows 7 style, with working hidden panels/menus like the real one! (see screenshot)

- Current Weather
- 7 shortcuts + 7 like the default/real ones all customizable.
- Internet Search Bar.
- Volume panel: Click on taskbar icon to show/hide, control volume or click on panel's icon to mute.
- Calendar: Click on clock/date on taskbar to show/hide, navigate between months or open the datetime settings.
- System Control: Click on "Shutdown" or use the arrow to show/hide the Logout,Lock or Restart options.
- Hidden panel: Click on "All Programs" to show/hide the second panel with system info (HDD,Ram,Cpu,NetDownload,NetUpload) and details for current Weather.

Right click for:
- 12h/24h
- Time Zone Settings
- Update Weather
- Weather Info
- Change Location
- Change temp unit
- Shortcut Settings


* Antialias removed from the texts for better/clear look
* Taskbar image width changed to 1366 px, full screen now
* FadeInOut effect removed for faster operation
* Clock hands look optimized
* Volume progressbar edited
* Trimming style added to text/shortcut's title
* Default/loading image edited
* Right click options edited
* Useless images removed from the widget's folder
* Minor optimizations

© 2016 - 2023 Jimking
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That's awsome. I used to want to make one but I diden't=P (Razz)