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Barnabas Collins - Vampyre

By jimkilroy
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Graphite, Watercolor, Oil, & Photography pieced together in Photoshop CS2.

The wings were made out of twigs which were tied together with jute twine.

I should have just painted this on a canvas but, I haven't tinkered with Photoshop in a long time & I need the practice.
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This is Fabulous! Excellant stitching mulitiple techniques! I give you two 10's!!!

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looks like an old fresco
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Jeez...this is so freaking creepy and kick-ass it makes me want to run around like a mad woman!
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I love this, reminds me of something one would find in an occult book
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This is so good and so crreeeeeeppppy! When I first saw the wings in a smaller image I thought they were bat skeleton wings, the twigs gave it a more primitive feel though. Great job!
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This. Is. AMAZING!!!!! I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO keen for this movie! Can't wait! This is amazing! I love it! :D
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Mere words fail me...The mediums which you have chosen combine effortlessly to give this a completeness without being complete--if that makes any sense. Based on what I see here, I think it is fine to be left as is, but that is your decision, as to whether you want to add more to this composition. This is an extraordinary piece; in particular, the inclusion of the twined twigs as bat wings. What grabbed my immediate attention, however, was the detail work of the cloak--how the left hand is half-covered by the sleeve's cuff--and the stiffly dripping points of the shirt's collar and cravat: the raggedness of line suggests age and a deterioration of the grave clothes themselves. Then there is the background coloration...scratches, scribbles, flecks of color, each nuanced with precision. Forgive me for asking, but is that a side-long gaze, or did you intend that his eyes be white orbs? Either way, it is spectacularly spooky. Exquisitely crafted.
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Wow this is so original! This looks utterly amazing! You should be proud of yourself, this is really good.
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U should have definetly have been on the top ten. I still love this art awesome.
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It was only 50% finished & I was not expecting to win. I have been kicking myself for the past couple of days for uploading this piece.

I'll get around to finishing it in a couple of months.

Thanks again for your comments Diana.
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Finished or not its awesome. And your very welcome. Would love to see it when its finished. Saw some of your work. Its fantastic.
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omg this is brilliant
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Thanks senseijade!
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That is freaky-awesome :D
Good luck!
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Great job, this is really awesome! :D Good luck in the contest!
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Thanks inuko93
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You're welcome :3
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Very cool sir! Love the feel of it. Has a tarot card vibe to me
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Thank you Vibraven333
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The texture in your artowrk is amazing. Trolling your gallery now!
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