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Hey guys!

So, would you be interested in seeing a small comic/story featuring genderbent Spyro and a genderbent Sorceress and some male Rhynocs in a 'Game Over' scenario where she is captured and lewded on? The cover only would be available for all at first with the full comic/edits and story on my Patreon. The base comic (no edits or story) being publically released a couple of months later or so. But the story itself, full rez and edits (Like splooge, etc) would be on my Patreon.

I'm polling this because this would be a major project for me. I'll take at least a couple of months to work on (on and off other drawings) and would be challenging for me, but something I'd like to try as this could lead to other comics in the future.

If you want to vote, you can vote either by visiting my Twitter or by clicking the link below. I'll be checking the tally for both on Friday the 13th (OoooOoooOooo!) 

Looking forward to the results, have a great evening!

Strawpoll: strawpoll.com/9p8y6eg8

Twitter: twitter.com/JimJamDoodles/stat…
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[If you wish to claim a slot, please send me a note on DA, or a DM on Twitter. I will let you know ASAP if you have gotten a slot/if you weren't able to. First come first served etc :)]

Now, the way this works is that I will draw the requested picture as a sketch (rough sketch, small edits can be made in Clip Studio) and show the commissioner the sketch to ask if anything would like to be changed (pose, expressions etc etc) to which I will do my best to alter. Once the commissioner has agreed on the sketches look, then no more changes will be made (unless utterly dire which would be discussed privately with the commissioner). 

After the sketch has been sorted, I will begin work on the final product which can take between a week or two or more, depending on the complexity of the commission (As well as, taking into consideration real life work getting in the way and other things etc).

The commissioner will not be charged until the final commission is completed. Once I have completed the commission, I will email a copy (with a large watermark over it) to show you a preview of what it looks like. 

[Also, you have the right to ask me to not post the final commission publicly and on Patreon, just as I have the right to not wanting to do so either.]

Once payment has been received (Paypal) then I will email a high-resolution copy of the commission with no watermarks at all (this includes my normal JimJamDoodles one). 

If you wish to use the picture on other sites that are not art sites, that’s absolutely fine (But please credit me, that would be nice c:). However, please do not upload the picture to your DeviantArt, Furaffinity, Twitter or any other art accounts without asking me first, please.

I’m really excited (and a little nervous) about starting commissions (at least publically as my Patreon only commissions went down well) and I hope I can do you guys good on whatever you decide to commission me for! Thanks again! Below are prices as well as what I will and won’t draw.

For future note, my Patreon Supporters will get first dibs on commissions slots, as well as private Patreon only commission slots from time to time. If you want to support me on this, here's my Patreon: www.patreon.com/JimJamDoodles

Commission Prices:

Single character: $15

Extra characters: +$5 per character

Simple background: Free [Examples, ‘Ginger’, Any ‘Eeveelution pinup’, ‘Ahsoka’)

Complex background: $5 [Examples, ‘Halloween 2017’, ‘Cala Maria’, ‘HTDYD/2’, and ‘Summertime Dragons’ (Backgrounds are still fairly difficult for me).

Icons: $5.50 [Something new to attempt]

NSFW character [Nudes]: +$17

NSFW extra character: +$7 per character

NSFW edits [Cum etc]: +$2.50 per edit [Nude with cum on a single character would equal $19.50]

Will draw:

  • Fandom related - Pokemon, MLP etc
  • General NSFW - Oral, vaginal etc (Will privately let you know if it’s over my line).
  • Anthro
  • Humans, humanoids etc
  • Fan Characters/OCs
  • Shipping (This includes gay, straight etc)
  • Icons/Profile pictures (Something new, but will try)

Won’t draw:

  • Mecha or robotics/full body cybernetics (A little too tricky for me at the moment)
  • Large amount of characters (Such as any more than five as I am only working on an A4 sketchpad, and would find it tricky to work with)
  • Extreme NSFW - Anything involving feces or urine, Hyper, Expansion, Rape etc (Again, will privately let you know what’s over the line, as listing absolutely everything would take too long)
  • Real people (Would be a little to weird for me I feel, apologies)
  • Complex scenery (Snowstorms, Lightning etc. Though this will probably change in the future, I’m just not very confident in drawing a really complex scenery background)

That’s all I can really think of at this time. I may alter both will and won’t lists in the future. But for now, I think it looks okay.

As I said, I will be opening up commissions from on the 18th and will post a journal letting you all know. The best way for now, as its Patreon exclusive for now, is to message me from the front page of my Patreon page by clicking the ‘more’ option that’s by the ‘share’ button and clicking message. I will let you guys know when at least two slots are taken and work will begin, as well as when slots are closed. 

Well, that’s all I suppose. Hope you guys are excited as I am about this and look forward to opening up on the 18th. If you have any questions, please feel free to message me on Patreon, or on my Deviantart or on my Twitter!

Have a good evening!


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I'm re-opening commissions! This time to the public as well. However, my Patreons get the first dib on the first four slots. Once they are filled I will open four more slots to you guys and link all the details via DeviantArt. Stay tuned! (Though I may open them on Tuesday, depends on some stuff).

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Pretty much as the title says, I went and finally caved and made a Patreon which you can find more information about it below!

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Cheers to the people who did vote on the next rule 63 pone. The winner by two votes was Gleaming Shield with Big Gala just behind. Gleaming's sketch has been done and I will be hopefully getting it finished and ready by tomorrow for posting!

But to the people who voted other characters. Don't worry, I will be drawing them all eventually.

Have a good day!
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