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Princess Midna - 2008-2020.

Hey guys,

So, after I noticed I've drawn Princess Midna a couple of times I thought it'd be pretty fun to show you a progression image using drawings of Midna from across my accounts/years on DeviantArt. Not too bad I feel, to be honest!

[2010 is only labelled as '?' Because from source (old DA account) It was an old drawing I posted but can't remember/pinpoint the date. Posted to DA sometime after initial date ya see.]

Also on my Twitter:…
Also o my Patreon: Link provided later due to Patreon Maintenance 

Art © to me
Midna © to Nintendo respected owners.  
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© 2020 - 2021 JimJamDoodles
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isondonsobis's avatar
Such good art sad to see there hasnt been anymore since last year hope your still doing good dude
twinsnakes02's avatar
Daaaamn, the drawings you made over the years since 2008 to 2020 (AKA 12 years)?!

You’ve come a long way my friend, I’m VERY impressed with how much you improved👌
JimJamDoodles's avatar
Thank you very much ^ ^
You’ve come a long way.
Can’t wait to see more. Hope you’ve got more R63 stuff.
Cloud-Dream's avatar
Midna will always be the sexy one <3
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