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On The Defensive

[Hey guys, sorry this is out late. I went back and re-did some work on the original sketch I wasn't happy about!].

[Second OC October post! This time, featuring Ginger casting some spells!]

Ginger is a fairly easy-going kobold, there really isn't much she hates. She does, however, hate Goblins. Like, absolutely despises them.

Foul, smelly, nasty horrible creatures that don't appreciate the good things in life. Like cats... or tea... or being a nice person.

On her travels to harvest ingredients to make her potions with, she sometimes has to venture into Goblin infested caves. She doesn't worry about them, though, as she usually is able to get in and out before being noticed. But sometimes, she does bump into a patrol here and there.

But rest assured, she's got a range of offensive and defensive spells. Here, she has erected a shield as she snarls, waiting for the incoming attack to be deflected.

First time making a spell looking object, took some inspiration from the Pokemon Aegislash for it. Not 100% happy on the lighting effects, still rough and new to it but I think it's okay.

The reason there is no light source, like a torch, is because of there good vision in dark places.

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Ginger and art © to me.  
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This is pretty fun, really digging the design here!
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Thank you very much!
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You're quite welcome!
Pretty good! Very good with the lighting!
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