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[EDIT: Altered her undies a little as I looked back and wasn't that happy with them].

[Well, here we are! First picture of OC October, featuring my little kobold mage in training, Ginger! been a while since I've drawn her, hope you like it!]

If there is one thing Ginger loves more than magic, cats, cake, tea... well, okay. Amongst many things she loves, one of them is visiting the library of West Basilisk's Arcane Guildhall and read all the books she can on anything to do with the arcane to help further her studies.

As an (honorary) member of the Arcane guild itself, Ginger, the kobold is no odd sight to the mages and visitors there. However, Ginger still doesn't grasp the concept of decency, especially with clothing (as all she wears is a cloak, a simple robe, and her undergarments), and forgets that when her tail rises, so does the robe (seeing as it rests on top).

This gets her into, albeit not serious, trouble with the head librarian, Rose. The elderly woman often scolding the young kobold for causing... 'distractions' to the students of the Guild. Not that it bothers Ginger that much.
She still thinks clothes to be excessive and silly.

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Ginger © to me.
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