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A Hero's Reward - [Mini Story]

~Well, it's my birthday! And as tradition, or at least for the past two years anyway, I drew meself something as a self-present. I decided to re-do another Princess Midna drawing and I am confident in saying I love how this turned out (rare for me). I'd even argue this is my best work to date! Whilst crude to many, I tried some new shading and lighting techniques to try and really give it some oomph, make it really feel like she was in a dimly lit room as the sun went down. I hope you enjoy it, below is the mini-story, written by me and edited by my mate and top Patreon!~

(Edit: Added a glow effect to her face I previously forgot about! 10/03/2020)


Link let out a soft yawn as he wearily made his way up the stairs of Elde Inn, the wood creaking with each step. While it was still in need of repairs after the attack on Kakariko village, it didn’t stop him, Princess Zelda and his companion, Midna, from finding some much-needed rest.

It was only a couple of days after the defeat of Ganondorf and word of his victory had spread all the way to his village and throughout the land. Some of the townsfolk, who had returned from the attack had enjoyed a small celebration of Link’s triumph, during which the two Princess’ had even joined in the celebration. Colin and the children found great joy in listening to Link’s tales and could not believe what he had done for the Kingdom. The merriment only became greater when Telma and the members of the resistance turned up, having heard of Link’s exploits.

As night fell, Link had noticed Midna had slipped away while the celebrations went on, but he shrugged it off, assuming she was weary from her battle with Ganondorf and her return to her true form. As the last bit of sunlight faded, the celebration came to an end and the children prepared for bed, with Rusl planning on returning to Ordon village at sunrise. Link was already weary from his battle with Ganondorf and saving both Hyrule and the Twilight Realm, but his fatigue seemed to grow as the weight of what he had done seemingly now hit him with renewed force. His boots echoed in the wooden hallway and his body felt heavier with each step.

He rubbed his eye, knowing that tonight he would rest well and that he would wake up to a land, not in peril, but at peace. Reaching his door, he turned the handle and stepped inside only to have the door lightly slam behind him, and the familiar hum of magic briefly filled his ears as the whole room briefly flashed.

“Well… you took your time,” a familiar sultry voice purred from within the dimly lit room. “Don’t worry, no one will be able to hear us. I’m sure of that…”

Link blinked as he felt the blood rush to his cheeks and other parts as he stared at the sight in front of him. In his bed was Midna, illuminated by the setting sun with her back to him. She smirked over her shoulder at him, her fiery eyes glowing in the dim light. The covers of the bed rested at the bottom of her legs, revealing her stunning body. She was completely nude, her plump and curvaceous butt on full display with her beautiful orange hair draped along her back.
During their quest, Link had gotten very close to Midna and, despite her sassy and arrogant attitude, he had developed feelings towards her. His feelings had escalated once she had returned to her true form, but to him, she was beautiful no matter how she looked. He had wondered if she would ever reciprocate his affection for her, and now he was confident that she did. Link swallowed a lump in his throat as he took in every curve of his friend, eyeing them with a primal lust and she giggled softly.

“Like what you see, hero?” Midna teased, her fingers delicately running over her curvy booty, sinking ever so slightly into the soft and jiggly skin as she watched Link’s gaze follow her hand.

All Link could do was dumbly nod as he felt blood rush to his ‘other’ Master Sword. Midna licked her lips as her eyes glanced down for a second and her coy smirk grew.

“Consider this your reward… and my thanks. For everything,” she said, a slight blush forming on her cheeks as her smirk warmed into a genuine smile.

Link returned the smile, slowly making his way towards his bed with each step being accompanied by the removal of an item of clothing. Once he reached it, his heart pounded in his ears as his chest warmed rapidly while his gaze never left the prize ahead of him. Slowly, he climbed onto the mattress and reached out only to have Midna’s hand meet his and gently grip it, pulling him towards her as he gasped softly from surprise.

His body rested behind Midna’s, both of them feeling one another’s warmth as her cheeks heated up when a concentrated mass of warmth was pressed in between her asscheeks. Slowly, she guided Link’s hand to one of her cheeks, letting the man firmly grip it. She let out a soft moan as his fingers molded into it, guiding his other hand to her chest. In a quick movement, his hand closed around her plump breast and massaged it with the same care he did with her butt.

Link’s eyes followed his hand’s movements, a lustful tinge of excitement surging through his body as he played with her butt. Never in his wildest dreams did he ever think he would get this close to her, but this was no dream. His bare and muscular chest pressed against her firm, yet softback while his hands continued their massage of her butt and breast. His ‘sword’ nestled comfortably between her cheeks, quivering with anticipation.

“Thank you, Link,” Midna whispered, turning her face to meet his. They met each other’s gaze just mere inches away, and her cheeks bloomed red. “Thank you for—MMPH!”

Midna was interrupted as Link pressed his lip to hers, locking them together. She blinked for a second before her eyes closed and she let out a soft sigh of contentment followed by a muffled moan as Link started to grind his length in between her cheeks. As the sun sunk beneath the horizon, and the room darkened to a familiar twilight, lit by a lone candle on the bedside table. The two lovers wrapped themselves in each other’s arms, sharing their warmth as they began what was to be a long and eventful night.

~Fun fact, I used a screengrab from IMVU the base reference image, not the first time I've used IMVU to assist with drawing poses and certainly not the last. Ref image in question:

Also on my Twitter:…

Art and story © to me
Princess Midna and Zelda characters © to its respected owners.  
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Oddyboy's avatar
Link and Midna are honestly my favorite pairing.
JimJamDoodles's avatar
They are one of mine too!
Tatsurou-san's avatar
Much as I love this and the accompanying's just gonna make what happens when Midna goes back to the Twilight Realm all the more painful...
JimJamDoodles's avatar
It's what makes it a beautifully tragic love story, one final hurrah before the big goodbye. She'd regret not doing it and it would eat away at her, I'd imagine. Or, one can look at it as an alternative ending, wherein she doesn't end up destroying the mirror. I'd like to think people can take the image/story and make the ending result what they want, personal interpretation and all that. Least, I'd like to think that anyway.
Tatsurou-san's avatar
Or if you take the path where she still destroys the mirror...maybe Link goes through with her?
JimJamDoodles's avatar
The possibilities are near endless!
Jakered3's avatar
She's so beautiful <3
twinsnakes02's avatar
You’ve saved the world Link, now claim your trophy
JimJamDoodles's avatar
A fine trophy it is!
Oh, I think Link is going to have a nice time tonight!
JimJamDoodles's avatar
A very good time ;)
Heck yeah!

Hey, sorry if this is pushing anything, but would you be able to take a commission?
JimJamDoodles's avatar
Don't  worry, and I'm afraid not at the time being.
Ah, ok. Thanks!

Do you know when you might reopen commissions?
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