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...//How can u challenge perfect and immortal machine?....///

lol its fanart time!)
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Dude! Holy shit! 
Great work, I featured this art masterpiece on my youtube music site.  Here is the link if you want to see it
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Pretty good work... for an insect ;)
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I love it, well done!!
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system shock 1 remake confirmed
system shock 3 confirmed
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This brings memories. Scary ones... Awesome job btw.
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really delicious!
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So cool! Love it!
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"What is it like to be afraid?"
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Ностальгия ;-;
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So this is where that Steam background came from...
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Oh dude this is awesome!
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This is just awsome x3
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Saw this through a thread on Polycount, where one of the modders is remaking the SHODAN reveal in UE4. Awesome artwork, really powerful stuff.
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Do you mind  if I use this @ ? Or maybe a signed version? Could also place a link back here on the bottom or something similar. Not much traffic there, just for fun kind of page.
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