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some work here/ Concept for a game
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Hello. My name is Sean, aka, MentalUntilDawn. I am an electronic music producer and I was wondering if I could use your photo as my cover for my song "Toxic city." I will give Full credit to you for the photo.
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Just wow. This is spectacular in its high-tech dingyness. I love the crisp details and the enveloping industrial haze
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Mind if I use this for a school project? :heart:
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This place looks really interesting. I like the lighting and all the detail. :D
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Look like fallout 3.
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Love the atmosphere...despite the fact I would probably suffocate and die in it! (LOL!) Seriously, I like the dark and gritty atmosphere of this piece. Ever read the book "Dune?" Well, one of the settings in the story is a planet called Giedi Prime, a dark, industrialized and horrendously-polluted excuse of a world, and THIS is almost precisely to how I pictured it! Overall, great job!
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Really love the atmosphere.
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DUDE:iconmindblownplz: MIND?
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This is the future age, where the music and lyrics of Fear Factory fit best.. ;)
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one more industiral hell hole. It has a very good atmosphere.
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крутотень... )
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Am I weird for thinking that this is fucking beautiful? If so, I like being weird.
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youre not the only one
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