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Trixie Blushes

Gift for Jurassiczalar featuring his character Trixie.
I love his characters, though I don't really draw them (I've only drawn one of them). So I thought I'd do something nice and draw another one of his characters. I went for the cutie Trixie.

Yes, I know, she's a blue girl Triceratops with the name "Trixie"... just like the character from Toy Story 3. And the creator didn't know about it.
But I don't care. This character is still pretty cute. :aww:

I do like her design and how adorable she looks when she's happy. So I thought I'd draw her blushing. Maybe she received a compliment by someone off-screen (a BIG someone, apparently, as she's looking up), and going like, "Aw, stop, I'm blushing!".
Also, look at her tail. :D
Hope you like it, Jurassiczalar.
Trixie - © Jurassiczalar.
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It's an easy name to come up with once you have the "triceratops" part. This Trixie looks great in her own right, really cute.
I guess.
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Love her blushing.
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NP. Hope to see more.
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The curled up tail is a nice touch that completes this.
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Haha she came out great fella! Thank you! :D
Thank you very much! Glad you like it!
And you're welcome!
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OMG she is so cute X3 You did such a great job drawing her!
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This is very cute. He'll like this one for sure. :)
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