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Simple Dock 1.0

By jimenezd
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This is kind of experimental since I compiled a python script into an .exe that the skin can use. It should work without you having python installed, but I'm not sure if there are any other dependencies I have overlooked. To be honest this was more or less a proof of concept for myself and a starting point since this is my "first" skin.

This originally started as Setuini's "File View Launcher," but evolved into what I have now. Credit for the inspiration and foundation of what would become this skin goes to him.
Setuini's skin:…

This dock holds 14 items; no more no less. To set it up install the .rmskin file provided then go to the skins folder (e.g. "..\Documents\Rainmeter\Skins\Simple Dock\{at}Resources\"). In the "{at}Resources\Launcher" folder place 14 shortcuts of your liking. If you want to use your own icons I've left an "icons" folder for you to place them in (this is completely optional). To change your icons image all you have to do is right click your shortcut file and click "Properties", then you click on the "Change Icon" button near the bottom. In the window that pops up you can click "Browse" and navigate to where you placed your custom icons and select the one you want to use for that shortcut.

Most of the icons are from… but there might be one or two that I just found off of google searching.

If you have issues you can post in the thread I made on the Rainmeter forums… or post here. Although, I'll probably be more likely to check the forums sooner than deviantART.

Someone at the Rainmeter forums noted that this might lag on some hardware and kindly optimized the code.
The post and download link can be found here:…
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Follow the link to the icon pack I provided if those are the ones you want (… ). Then place the icons you want (you need the .ico version) in your folder of choice, I left the icons folder in the (..\Documents\Rainmeter\Skins\Simple Dock\{at}Resources\) for you to use if you wanted. Then you have to change the icon of the shortcut itself. Right click your shortcut link and click on change icon.

The skin takes the image from the shortcut and uses it as the icon, so you have to edit the images of the shortcut links.
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how to change icons? or must i change the actual .ico
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<font><font>muy good, thanks</font></font>