Another lap round the sun

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yepp, i've completed another lap around the sun today, 20 laps complete, somewhat of a depressing number, but oh well... lol

sorry if my update frequency both regarding deviations, and journal entries have been, well, at almost complete lack the past like, errr... 8? months... or something... anyway, just haven't had much of a good time in life in general till a few months ago when things looked up quite a bit :) (of course shit happening on other ends instead, but thats life i guess :P)... anyway... errr... yeah, i forgot why i was writing this entry to be honest by now... lol... i'll promise to submit more photos and such, but don't have me executed or something, cause well, i probably wont be able to keep to that promise cause i'm busy, having a rough time with life in general, or just not feeling like doing anything creative at all and being lazy for a few days just watching movies or killing things with big guns in some games (or driving around town at +300KM/h in a Porche Carrera GT in nfs: most wanted :P)... basically, you get my drift... i'm not a photography machine, i do it when it i feel like it and i feel inspired or creative or just plain feel like doing it... which is quite often, but sometimes shit just happens...

...uhm, yeah... i have no clue what this post is about, nor why i started writing anymore... maybe its just tiredness getting me hard, but i don't feel sleepy, so must be brain killing tiredness just :P
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:lol: I have entries like that, and generally, they end up making no sense, so I just delete them. It's a common feeling. Just give yourself some time and all will be right again. :)