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Veeblefitzer Ve-302 Atlas Transport

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Built in competition to the Me-321 and 323 "Giant" heavy transport, the Veeblefitzer Ve-302 B transport glider, and the following Ve-302 C powered version, proved to be superior to the Messerschmidt design.
Constructed mostly with wood and welded steel tubes, and skinned with doped fabric, the "Atlas" was much simpler, and sturdier, than the Me-321/323.
The glider and powered versions, with the large tail surfaces, were much more controllable  in flight than the "Giant", with regard to directional stability.
Being smaller, and lighter, than the "Giant", the "Atlas", as it was titled, could carry a weight-load equal to the 321/323.
The "Giant" required 8 motors to perform, while the "Atlas" was successful with 6.
Defensive armament, for the glider version, was 4 x 7.9mm mg's positioned top mid fuselage and nose, with two mounted in the cockpit.  And for the powered version it was 2 x 20mm cannon, positioned top mid fuselage, and one mounted in the nose, in covered turrets. 1 x 7.9mm mg was mounted at rear of the cockpit canopy.  If necessary, the passenger windows could be quickly detached and soldiers could aim their weapons and fire at any attacking enemy aircraft(!).
The cargo bay could carry loads as large as a Tiger tank, with room for support troops.  But the heaviest loads required a long runway for take off, and a level, large space, for landing.  It was no guarantee that the aircraft could survive the landing without serious structural damage, but being able to deploy heavy armor with troops, behind enemy lines, was worth the risk.
Lighter armor and loads were more common, and the "Atlas" could soldier-on repeatedly with a minimum of maintenance.
The forward exit hatch was a simple affair.  The nose and cockpit section were hinged, so that it tilted up and back, allowing loads to be quickly deployed.  Cockpit control cables were designed to decouple automatically for a quick unloading, and would then reconnect when the nose section was lowered back into flight position. 
A skilled crew could land, unload, and leave under 5 minutes(!).
The glider version could be towed aloft by a He-111 Z.  The tow cable had two connections which were mated to two hard points, placed on the lower fuselage, just ahead of the fixed landing gear.  The hard points also acted as anti-tipping devices, to keep the machine from nosing over when landing.
Take off was assisted with 9 solid fuel rocket motors, placed in the tail, stacked in a metal box shelter.
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Midway2009Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Impressive. :eyepopping:
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If only they had you as a designer...
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Jimbowyrick1Hobbyist General Artist
"Thank Creator that they didn't!" - PAV

(Stay Safe!)
One wonders 
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A great design and a highly believable one, too. Really strikes me as if it could have been doable. Well done!
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Jimbowyrick1Hobbyist General Artist
Belated thanks!
Happy Thanksgiving!
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AzabacheSilverHobbyist General Artist
The only thing I see as an issue with this design, is the fact that the pilot can't see what the wheels are going to land on.  But otherwise many good ideas here.
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Jimbowyrick1Hobbyist General Artist
Actually, if you think about it, most pilots cannot see where their landing gear is going to contact the ground.  It's like, when you drive your car, you don't exactly know where the bumpers, etc., are, but you have a sense, based upon long experience, as to where the potential collision points are, so you accommodate by surrounding your vehicle with an imaginary border, and give yourself room, when maneuvering, to avoid collisions."
- Prof. A. Veeb' 
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Wow very cool. Would you consider making a profile of the German Herkules? www.luft46.com/fw/fw195.html
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Jimbowyrick1Hobbyist General Artist
"Mmmmm.....maybe." - A. Veeb'
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LordOguzHan Digital Artist
Nice Work, :D 
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Jimbowyrick1Hobbyist General Artist
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Just.... so much hell YES! 
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This is a great piece of work - and just the thing you'd need against those neo-Mongol hordes!

Getting back to real history, Mongolia once had a Colonel Kurtz-like leader in Baron Ungern-Sternberg, an Austrian-born nobleman who fought for Russia in WW1, the White movement in the Russian Civil War, and eventually his own delusions - he became an independent warlord and many of his followers believed he was the reincarnation of Genghis Khan. His story naturally doesn't end well, but for some crazy/scary inspiration, read up on it if you haven't already!
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Jimbowyrick1Hobbyist General Artist
Big, big VEEB'THNX!

I just watched a short YouTube vid' on the "Mad Baron", and his character is "cool", as an enemy image, for my fragmentary and episodic alt' universe environments, that Prof. Veeblefitzer has a habit of skipping around in.
In one of Veeb's universes, Germany did not go evil, in the 20th Century,  but became a "Constitutional Republic" based upon the Platonic ideas of ancient Greece, the Renaissance intellectuals, Dr. Ben Franklin, Otto Von Bismarck, etc.
Germany's President, Gen. (ret.) Erwin Rommel, recruited central European countries to his ideas of unity and civilization building, including Russia.
The evil British and western European oligarchs and aristocrats, feeling threatened by this expansion of  republicanism, went to war against Germany and her allies, and recruited  "Mad Baron" Ungern-Sternberg, the "Khan" of  his Asian empire, to attack the German/Russian/etc. from the east.
And that's the broad political/strategic environment that Prof. Anton Veeblefitzer is involved in.

Thanks for the idea! 
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Beautifull. :) Proudly delivering Tiger tanks to the enemy's doorstep since 1941!
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Jimbowyrick1Hobbyist General Artist
The good(?) Professor sends his love and thanks!
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DBrentOGaraHobbyist Digital Artist
Superb! I love the JATO system, and the anti-tipping gear is marvelous! Great designs, I'd love the chance to shoot them down someday! :nod: I'm just concerned that the Tiger Tank might be able to fire while in transit... that could be a devastating surprise for anyone in front of this thing!
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Jimbowyrick1Hobbyist General Artist
Things to come.....!
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DBrentOGaraHobbyist Digital Artist
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StatelyElmsHobbyist Digital Artist

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Welp, I guess this is the end product when you buff up a Giant Heavy Transport Glider/Aircraft bait too much....
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Jimbowyrick1Hobbyist General Artist
Just wait.  
Muu- wah-ha-ha!
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oooh I like this :)
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Jimbowyrick1Hobbyist General Artist
Oooh Thank you!
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