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Beastie Boy Lovin'

By jimbopunk
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My version of the Beast as a human (since I was not happy with the mega disappointing movie version) givin' belle some sweeet swweeeet BEASTEH BOY lovin'.
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Now this. This I can ship. 
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This is way better then the cartoon and reality version of the Beast when he turns back to human.
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I too was disappointed by the Beast's human form. This one is waaaaaaay better.
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If the best had to transform, I wish he looked like this.  Awesome art!
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Yeeeeesss down with pretty boys, we want men!
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Belle: My man is damn hot and handsomer than your ugly shit of a man!
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SERIOUSLY! YESSSSS! I mean, the bushy eyebrows, etc! PERFECT! Thank you!
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FREE flying hearts Icon 

I was ALSO mega-disappointed by the movie version of the Beast, but this SO MAKES UP FOR IT!

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A-MEN. Totally feeling you on this. I thought he looked like Jesus when he turned around! Was real disappointed coz this is my favourite Disney pair D:
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Ditto! It was kinda creepy: Beast-turned-Jesus.
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You people are killing me with these comments. XD I totally agree with you, but XD Beast-turned-Jesus lol
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This is what he SHOULD have looked like (definitely should have had some sort of facial hair!). :) I always thought the Disney version not only didn't seem like the Beast but was ugly. This one is much better, my only problem would be that he looks way too much like a grown up Jim Hawkins in this particular pic. Great work though! :D
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I love Disney's design for him personally ^^''
I've had a crush on him since I was a little boy

However this design is smokin' x3
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I never had a problem with the choice Disney made about the prince's appearance. But I got to admit your version of him is awesome. What a stud ;)
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He looks like Hugh Jackman
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at first sight i thought it was Hans from Frozen...also someone in need to be redeemed. Personally i dont like Beast human design because I dont see any connection between Beast and Human Best except for the eyes...
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I wasn't attracted to the Beast because I'm not attracted to animals so I can't quite get into this (why people like pairing Belle with the non-human version of The Beast is anyone's guess and annoying too, yuk).  Hugh Jackman's hot but he just isn't my type.  Nothing wrong with muscle (but not too much muscle) and even hair but I prefer a pretty boy face (I guess I'm not like most girls).  That's how I like it.  Although I will admit that I didn't exactly like how he was drawn in the movie, either (though I did like his hair and maybe, lips).  I actually thought he looked a little too MASCULINE with that giant neanderthal brow bone and all.  It was a nice blueprint for a face, just too exaggerated, toned down and it would've been much better, IMHO.  I do like your other slash one a bit more (Adam/Eric) and your drawings and paintings themselves are really good so yeah...
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MUCH better! Rugged and manly, that's what we want! :-)
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YES! Non-dull Beast. That was what I couldn't get over about Adam, he just looked so boring … 

And considering she fell for the Beast - not at all her type. 
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Now I want to see a scruffy looking Disney prince for real. Maybe one day.
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