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UPDATE: Woah front page???!! K first of all, I posted this thing up at five in te morning and I wasn't expecting this lol I was sitting at my booth today at fanexpo and people kept saying they saw my x23 online... Thanks for all the support guys!
not too proud of this. rushed through it :s
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Love the style
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I really love this picture. Both the pose and the simple background, with the slash and blood, leave a certain dramatic effect. You Definitely deserved front page.
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Is this Catwoman?
I bought this at sakura con in Seattle and am so loving this pic.
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That pose is so cool! You broke down the body parts beautifully!
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Cool, cool, cool!
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Would it be possible to get this as a poster or wall scroll?
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Wonderful, a wonderful work.
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love her :heart: your art is fantastic!
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What companies did you work for?
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Hey there, Digital Extremes and Udon Entertainment
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You should branch out man. Alot going for you.
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Super nice!! <3
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Wow, this is an awesome piece of art! Congrats!
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Bought this print at Anime Expo 2013. Glad you were there.
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Thanks for coming to my table ! Next year hopefully ill be back n with some new thangs!!!
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Best X23 piece I've seen online. Period. Very nice work.
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I'm just in "Aw" right now. X-23 looks so sexy and in the angle of her in the air is cool and different from most of the illustrations on her. :D A+
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It loos really cool, X23 has to be one of my favorite chicks. She's awesome just like your work.
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