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Sombra by JimboBox

Sombra Splash! She's so cool, needs a slight buff though imo lol ;) hope ya'll dig!!
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Excellent job! ;)
With your permission can I use this as a intro in my YouTube videos if I give you credit and link to your stuff?? 
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CAn I use as Thumbnail? crediting you of course!
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Would it be ok to try and make this image into a background for a Discord bot (called Tatsumaki)? Not 100% sure on how the dimensions would fit, but I would like to ask for permission before attempting.
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Captures her badassness pretty darn well.
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ayyyy bought me one of these at Metro! I absolutely adore it o: 
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Hot damn, looks amazing! Such awesome style! ovo
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JimboBox, do you think your style leans more towards the manga/anime style or more towards the western comicbook style? I just want to know for study purposes
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nice job. Do a "los Muertos" sombra!!!
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awesome job on this. love it.
Hi JimboBox, 

Hope this is ok, but I've used this image as a video thumbnail on my youtube account...

youtube name is ZoneyX - hope this link works -
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No worries man! Thanks for using it :)
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Amazing work! love the your style :)
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Thanks ! Always evolving ;)
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