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January 16, 2016
JimboBox captures a high degree of movement in both the figure and the assembling armor in SAMUS.  From the suggester: "Sparkling and clean colors, a great perspective, and a dynamism that makes you feel the picture is alive."
Featured by TsaoShin
Suggested by FallenAngelGM
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Hope you all dig ittttttttttttt
UPDATE:Hey its been a while! OK so, ive gotten sooo many requests for a print of my samus piecenand thereforeeeeeee, just for a little while, im keeping my store open if you guys wanna pick up some prints. wont have it open too long

 So i wanna thank :iconfallenangelgm: and :icontsaoshin: for this DD :D Much appreciated guys ! Also, i've been tryin out instagram if anyone uses that lol -->
and ofc ive got FB too but ive got two pages dunno why but wtv Facebook-->
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ThadiusTheThird's avatar
Such an epic piece!
Cartoonpants's avatar
AztecCCreations's avatar
this is an incredible piece of art
seriously samus hasn't looked this awesome in years
bravo man bravo
LeoUnSung's avatar
This is awesome! But isn't her cannon suppose to be on her right arm?
erzareina's avatar
By far the best Samus art I've encountered here in DA. Great work!
buzamahmooza's avatar
YUP! My favorite Samus art piece yet (and iv'e seen a lot)
So good. You got another follow.
MidgarZolom's avatar
This is such a greatly skilled piece of art. I love that you've captured the zero suit in there without making her sleazy like most zero-suit art. The details of the armor, as well as the parts disassembling, are pretty cool.
I wanted to favorite this image but I don't seem to be able to?
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Samus Aran: So, how's the situation?

Erin: Not very good. I can only sniff at Sleepwalker's breadcrumbs....for some reason people are tight-lipped around me....

Samus Aran: "Some reason"? Erin, you associate with Linkara. Even those who don't respect the Oath don't exactly have a high opinion on Linkara.

Erin: First of all, I don't "associate" with Linkara. I'm just smart enough to kow that it's better to be on his good side. And second, what do you suppose we should do? You putting on your power armor and blasting Sleepwalker?

Samus Aran: I want you to keep collecting data. The rest is up to Linkara. If we take action before he does, the entire Multivese will be doomed...
clokverkorange's avatar
Store page doesn't seem to be working any more - are prints of this still available? 
ppowersteef's avatar
It got it's DD pretty late, or aren't they supposed to be in the first week?

Any ways, Congratulations on the DD! It's a lovely picture for sure <3
JonKratzArt's avatar
this is a beautiful Samus!
this might be the only non hentai yet hot in a non sexual way samus drawing! well done
Angie-Pictures's avatar
Beautiful work! Congratulations on the DD! :iconflowerheartplz:

jeffroell8's avatar
Best artwork of Samus yet!
HadleysH0PE's avatar
Samus fan since super metroid, this is just awesome!
graydama's avatar
Discovered her when I started playing Smash Bros. when I was a kid.
And have chosen her every time since then. :D
vartrajaan's avatar
I wanna be her ):
Degamer-EXE's avatar
Is she taking her armor on or off?
Bigjack66's avatar
Great pic! Very cool!:)
Helus's avatar
I believe she was brunette
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