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Making Widows

I……. wish she was better on console but damn its so hard even with aim assist. Shes still so damn cool as a design! heres a shinkawaXWood tribute. Those guys been big inspirations for me even though my style looks nothing like theirs lol 

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Reminds me of the artist behind the Metal gear solid Boxarts, nice work.
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I bought this as a print from you earlier this year (either Anime Impulse or ALA, the first half of this year is a blur lol). I've been trying to find the artist; all of the business cards I got ended up getting jostled and I didn't know what went where lol So glad I found you!!
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this is amazing ! I love shinkawa as well , you did great !
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Can I use it as a wallpaper? Your art is gorgeous!
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Wow this is pretty.
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Daaang this is amazing!! I'd say hoe MGS/Yoji Shinkawa it looks but it seems other people have said the same already xD
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Yes!!!! He's a master
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She looks like the star of a kickass comic :P So amazing :')
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:D thank you!!!
Love it. Very MGS-feeling.

Agreed on console Widowmaker; I wish she was better, but the controls are so wonky. They should at least let aim assist effect her scoped shots a little bit, to give he half a chance.
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I agree, why'd hanzo get the crazy aim assist and not her lol
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How very Yoji Shinkawa of you! Great piece! ;)
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Amazing work! (I see you corrected that typo I pointed out lol!)
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this reminds me of the metal gear solid handbook art
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yeah thats what was in the description :D shinkawa and Wood's art
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