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Darth Maul



Darth Maul painting/sketch! I've been asked about process and stuff.... i know im horrible for this process stuff! mainly because i do a lot of it all on one layer.. i guess i should live stream one day or something but i'd probably be too nervous and screw it up lolol anyways, So i decided to keep this painting really rough and not polish it up kinda like my wonder woman cuz theyre faster to do and it helps those who wanna discover my process for doing stuff. basically i started with a rough grey V shaped opaque silhouette. Then i kinda just flesh things out as i paint, starting from the big to smaller shapes. I keep it fairly loose at all times so it makes the picture subject to change at any given time during the process! i like to keep my options open about where the painting is heading. Hope that helps ?? :s

finally ending the semester! no more projects, essays and socvjbnvbsaklb for a little while till next semester starts all over again .... goin home for the holidays so i doubt imma get any work done cuz of my crappy laptop. So happy holidays everyoneeeeeeeeeee and party hard
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GREAT work! 😀