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I see you have an awesome lamp for the lighting. 
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wow man, thats minimal! (O:
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Hey Jimbo - Is working as a Graphic novel (Pencil artist) a good career choice? Im almost out of high school and i wanna follow my dream - but i dont know if it'll be enough to be a career rather than just "a job"
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so,this is where it graphite turns into gold :)
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Work Harder, Not Smarter!
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Now i got two reasons to envy you.... 1) your talent, and 2) your workspace.... :)
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Its great man!!!
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Nasan na yung lotion? Hehe Sipag!
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That looks like a very comfy workspace...
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Wow respect for this man!!! How long did it take you to fill in most of the sketch? and what tools are you using to create that crispy edge on your drawings (ink and pencil combined?)?
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I just cant seem to find enough good things to say about your work...I think this photo should help people understand your talent even more !!
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Oh man, seeing those 5 panels in a photo like this shows how big those things really are. They're huge!
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Oh my. When you said pages I thought 8x11 my goodness those are big.
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Love this so much.
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That is a beast.
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in action.. galing
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Glorious. :) The master at work.
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