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Judge Dredd Cover

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I am the Law!

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The best art, of the best character!
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Awesome--very dynamic. :)
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One of your best man...
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haha.. nice.. very niceeee :)
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Amazing work!
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Thank you Marcio! ;)
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WOW!!! JUDGE DREDD!!! he's one of my unrequited role models in my life!!! he's how the law SHOULD be done in america!!

thugs,murderers and rapists get their ASSES SHOT OFF!!!

JUDGE DREDD, he is the man, he is the law!!!
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So I first see it and go "cool" then I click on it and then i go "HOLY SH!T this is f*n awesome", i couldn't see all the detail :happybounce:
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so, do use any tones or do you only cross-hatch to get those amazing shades? what's your smallest pen btw?
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holy crap!! Man this is great.
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That kicks so much ass! awesome picture!
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Your the man..great work!
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ah you git wanna cry everytime see your new work its just so tight. is this brush inks? i really love the shading on the shoulder panels. is that acheived by diluting the ink to different degrees?
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Great great work!! :D
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Aw heyll no! Run fer the hills, boyz!
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amazing job!
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No ! Mama is the la...*exploding head*
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