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Ghost Rider

Ghost Rider Full Reso.
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Amazing! I love the flow and energy of this. Great job. 
tgcomicartist's avatar
your skills are
tiptoe2810's avatar
mat i ink this
LahmiaRaven's avatar
Hey Jim would it be cool if I could have a go at inking this?
GagaPrim's avatar
You did THAT with PENCILS!?! Danm, and I thought I've seen all kinds of ways to make amazing art! This is better than some real good digital arts I know about. How the heck can you make this??? Nice work with the horse, all though I think Ghost Rider looks good both on a bike or a horse, I can't say that I think the bike thing is getting kind of old. I'm glad to see a change in that.
Kuritsutei's avatar
Finally! GR on a horse!
Tiloui's avatar
nice job !!!
melatresy1991's avatar
WTF!!?? R u human??? lol that's amazing!!!
kbp415's avatar
I love the horse in this picture! Incredible shading and detail!
jmoneygetdown's avatar
how can i learn to draw like this? how did you begin?
Wise-Midas's avatar
WOW! It's incredible how you shaded this!
henflay's avatar
Hey Jimbo, I did a color version of your amazing art. I hope you don´t mind. [link]

Happy 2012.
GalactimusPrime's avatar
FUCKING AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
lilhollister's avatar
yo can i use this as a tattoo
macacaralho's avatar
sorry if there are some errors in English, because I'm from Brazil, and do not speak English very well.
macacaralho's avatar
Hello, excellent design, it's been a while since I have followed his work here on deviantart, we can say that I'm a fan of yours, congratulations, I would like to exchange ideas or to ask you some tips if possible, you're sure to be very busy, I also love to draw, of course not on your level one day but I would get close, comes another congratulations and I hope your answer.
Rodrigo-Sanches-A's avatar
Crazy-good, Nice work!
LarsonJamesART's avatar
hey can ink and color this? im not very good so it wont be amazing but im just trying to beef up my ink and coloring skills
Jimbo02Salgado's avatar
Just Go ahead bro. no prob. ;)
MurasakiSosai's avatar
Whoooa O_O It's sooooooooooooo awesome !!!
With what did you draw that?
Jimbo02Salgado's avatar
Pencil only bro. thanks! ;)
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