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For those into the more "adult" aspect of Neurotically Yours, apparently there's been a slew of "Erotic Germaine Fan Art" flooding certain sites. Back in the day it would kinda irk me, but the internet is what it is, so it's out there for those who are into that sort of thing. Besides, even pervy fans of the show deserve some sort of acknowledgement for the time they put into their artwork. After 13 years of Foamy, it's pretty cool that people are still creating their own Foamy & Germaine art. Even if it's NSFW. What sites!? Where can I see this stuff!? I'm not linking those type of sites here. I'm sure a few web searches will get you your results. Keep in mind, it's ADULT stuff. So if that's not your thing, skip it.
Some nifty new artwork has been added to the Foamy Fan Art Section!…
It's always cool to see how others interpret NY characters. From the sad, lamenting doodles, to the large breasted paintings, It's awesome that people still care about the series and characters.
So a humble note of thanks from me to everyone who still gives a damn :)
For those into the whole Foamy thing, I set up a digital comics shop at Gumroad :
(If you make comics too, it's actually a super simple way of distributing them. So look into it.)

Other than the usual Foamy cartoon, I've been trying to put together another Foamy series in an effort to expand the whole Neurotically Yours universe. I was thinking of doing a hand-drawn, scanned, then animated type approach, but I'm not sure how "time efficient" that would be. I really dislike drawing on a tablet because I don't get that "real paper feedback". It takes me an hour to do in the computer what I can do on paper in 10 minutes. (Though I taped some paper to my tablet to give me some "real-world" feel and it's helped.) I just draw so damn fast that most of the programs I use can't keep up, they screw up my lines, and then I have to go back in and tweak every freaking aspect of a simple drawing. Any suggestions on a program that can keep up with a really fast brush stroke and maintain quality?
Finished the Foamy Kickstarter for the new DVD, which is now available at the illwillpress shop, working on new toons and contemplating another version of Neurotically Yours. Maybe some different characters or something. In the sketching mode right now, so nothing anytime soon. Other than that, creating artwork has been slow as usual. Animation eats up all my time.
Over the last week I've been drawing non stop, creating doodles for an upcoming Kickstarter rewards. I'll probably post a ton of new sketches in the next few weeks, as soon as I get them all scanned. (There's like... 50!) It's madness!
Working on Foamy as usual, getting together the 3rd season of NY for a new DVD with a possible Kickstarter whenever... so yeah. Doin' what I do. ^_^
Though I rarely get a chance to do art outside of my constant animating, Foamy fans have been churning out some awesome artwork. Check the favorites tabs!…
Updating the Germaine character design Feb 2nd. So that should be something to look forward to... sort of. (No, I'm not gonna make her 300 pounds and bald like I did in the old series.) Just changing things up a bit. Other than that I've just been animating like a mad man with little time for actual artwork. I did not get more hands for X-mas, so I'm still working at my normal pace. So sad.
Happy new year to one and all! That is all. Other than that, I'm just doin' mah 'ting.
Marcia Wallace (Voice of The Simpsons Mrs. Krabappel) passed away and it's been a stark reminder to appreciate those who bring your favorite cartoons to life.
When we watch a cartoon, you don't really think about the people who voice them. They're just there. They don't seem to have age or a mortality to them. In our minds we tend to think of cartoons as immortal. You can drop an anvil on them and they just keep going. Unfortunately, those who give them life, through voice acting and animation, do not. Something to consider when watching any cartoon. Enjoy them, appreciate them. More importantly appreciate the talents behind them. They wont be around forever. (Myself included unfortunately) Stupid mortality.

Posted the new Halloween episode Sexy Costumes On :YOUTUBE
Been working on Foamy as usual. Which is pretty much all I do, so nothing exciting has happened here. I added some awesome new Foamy Fan art in the Fan art section. Thanks to all who keep doodling Foamy & friends. It's awesome to see what people do with the characters. October is a pretty busy month this year. I'm posting new toons once a week until November and have plans for the Germaine character in 2014. (No, she wont be 300 pounds and bald again), but there will be some kind of update to her. I released special Foamy Card Cult Trading Cards on Ebay and I'm slowly working on a complete series. So yeah, there's that. For those who need to catch up on Foamy, check out the YouTube channel.  (Been kinda weird, a lot of older fans who haven't watched since 2005 are sort of rediscovering Foamy. So if you're one of those, the series has gone through a lot of changes. There's also "Season Playlists" for complete past seasons of the series. Makes it easier to catch up.... or you could buy a dvd... *ahem*... >_<
12 Years of FOAMY!!
September 10th marked the 12th anniversary of Foamy! That's right, Foamy has been ranting for a full 12 years! How is that possible? Fan support yo! Frankly, I wouldn't be around all this time if it wasn't for the fans. So props to everyone for keeping things going. WE RULE! Ok, enough ego-boosting, gotta get back to work on new episodes. MORE FOAMY FOR ALL!
The kickstarter project was a pretty daunting task. Over 300 rewards and goodies had to be packed and shipped out in a timely manner. Considering I'm one guy... it was a a lot of work. So now that's all out of the way, I'll be getting back to work on Foamy stuff. Animation mostly, but I will try to get some actual artwork done.
Thanks to Foamy Fans the next Foamy DVD has been funded via Kickstarter and should be out in a few weeks. Also working on getting together prototype plush of Foamy & Germaine in Chibi form. That should take awhile though. Other than that it's been the usual.
Been working on getting the next Foamy DVD finished. Testing it out now to make sure everything is working. Should be doing a Kickstarter thing for it in a few weeks. Also posted a new Foamy shirt in the shop for people who need shirts. Been posting new toons every 2 weeks as usual, started working on Season 3 which should have the return of the Pizza Dude! (Which is never a good thing for Germaine) Did some renderings for Chibi Foamy & Germaine plush (might be produced for 2014)... and so on, and so on. Always working. Kinda burned out in a way. Not creatively, more the labor aspect of it all. Everything is very time consuming and I need more hands! ARG!
Posted a new chibi episode! EnJOY! or here:
Posted a new Chibi Episode on YouTube :  Called "New Phone". Also posted 2 Germaine doodles. Both were just drawings I colored in real quick while dealing with allergies, so they're kinda meh for my tastes. Meh, I SAY! MEH!
I'm trying to beef up the fan art section on my DeviantArt page, so if you have Foamy or Germaine fan art on DA, please tag it with : Foamy, Germaine, illwillpress, Neurotically Yours. I can find them easier to add to the gallery, or you can just send me a PM on DA as to where it's located. (There's also the "Jiggly Germaine" section for those who feel the need to make Germaine less than presentable) Yer gonna do it anyway >_<
Posted a new Foamy episode, like I do every 2 weeks. For those who haven't been keeping up, you can catch up on all things Foamy on :
(I also added season playlists for those who have nothing to do all day)