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Back again after many years. The internet has changed a lot and now social media does much of what used to clutter up my DeviantArt page, allowing this to hopefully function as a coherent portfolio of my art.

I've spent the past 5 years learning to paint and adapting my fine line drawing style into the acrylic medium which allows more versatility but requires more structured planning. This year in particular has seen a lot of progress and certain styles are now taking shape that I'm comfortable with proliferating.

Serious drawing has been largely put to the side during this time, but I'm beginning to acquire improved supplies and develop more refined techniques borrowing from what I have learned from painting.

My phone camera has difficulty capturing paintings properly, so some of them may look a bit dull or out of whack. Working on fixing this by photographing them with a decent camera and good lighting in the near future.
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I've created a new website! It's called Fine Black Lines, and features my images I draw using a fine line pen. The styles tend to be of a surreal or abstract nature. When the content builds up, I'll be compiling many of them into a book of the same name.

A new drawing appears three times a week--Monday, Wednesday and Friday (According to my timezone, +10:00). It may become more frequent yet, as I've got a lot of work to share and create more on a fairly consistent basis.

Go there and visit, bookmark it and comment! =D fineblacklines.com www.fineblacklines.com/

Every image there will be mirrored in my DeviantART gallery, but obviously not always as frequently as at the site.
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Hmm... it's been an interesting, and long, couple of weeks. Saw Evanescence in Melbourne on Sunday night. That was damn classy, though the crowd was rather ordinary, as with T.D. And a security guard actually came up and grabbed my arm while I was moshing. Hah. Stupid Vodafone Arena.

Was a great weekend, though. Went to Bang on Saturday night. It's a nightclub I've been meaning to go to for ages, but everyone's been out of sync for it. Finally, Darren and his friends caught up with I, Carol and Tess. Was fucking brilliant. The main floor is all punk, emo, alternative, then you head off into a dungeony area near the toilets where they play shitty pop/RnB mixed with a bit of interesting techno, and upstairs a damn brilliant metal room.

Needless to say, I spent most of my time upstairs. At the end of the night, we ended up rocking out to Bohemian Rhapsody with one of the security guards. Classy shit.

Ooh, I also purchased some brilliant artwork for $50 from this lad named Aaron, who busks on the street spraypainting some insane images onto glossy paper. Amd

Wow, I'm still writing this? Ctrl+Tabbed for a moment there. Visit www.mrmontyonline.com. Good times.

Went to the Gold Coast the other week. Good shit. Visited Movie World, Sea World and Water World. Water World sucks shit whore. Don't go there. Apparently Dream World is the classy shit, but I've not been there yet.

Anyway... sleep is good for intoxication. Though intoxication seems good for ranty.
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Ah, 'tis good to be home. There's nothing quite like wandering around a city where everyone looks dead to make you feel alive, but it gets old after a couple of days. Saw Tenacious D on Friday night in Melbourne. It was FUCKING BRILLIANT. Started out a bit slow, but once THE ELECTRIC zapped them to hell and they found Antichrist, Colonel Sanders and Charlie Chaplain on the electric guitar, drums and bass, respectively, things became most moshable. You cannot kill THA METAL!

Alas, the mosh pit was rather tame. It seemed like most of the people there were teenie boppers with no idea how to party. Still, it was slightly redeemed by the small group of moshers around me.

We were going to visit a club called Bang, which apparently plays some excellent metal and the like, but we were collectively too disorganised to do anything interesting in the end.

I shall hopefully be up there again for Evanescence next month. There shall be motelage, clubbage and much noise.

Now I suppose sleep shall transpire.
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