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I've never done an art feature on my own private page, mostly because I don't get enough traffic to bother, but I was ordering seven years worth of "Featured" favourites (there was twice what there is now - literally hundreds!), and seeing all the pretty images group together at the top of the gallery was too inspiring to pass up the desire.

There is no theme (other than all the images happen to contain female humanoids). There are newer images and ones that have been floating around DA for quite some times. Enjoy the selection (or don't - but seriously, why wouldn't you).

Ashia II by sexypolygons   Sin - 3d digital- by ValentinaKallias  Among the Fishes - Surreal Series by ArtXtreme101 

Mature Content

Hot in Hell 4 by GolaMartinez
  collector doll by elianeck Waiting by RawArt3d 

Mature Content

Looking at You by donnaDomenitzo

Mature Content

The Edge Of The World by DouglassJohns

Mature Content

Nothing Left to Wear by ClockworkEros

Mature Content

Relax by xGrabx
  Blue Moon by beachlegs

To enjoy more impeccable curated collections pls visit the featured favourites gallery
Tau Ceti Overseer V8 by Jim-Zombie

I feel like I'm fairly intimately familiar with Victoria/Genesis 8 now. I have spent a good number of hours evaluating and putting together a fairly thorough review of Victoria 8. As usual, I learn a little more about DAZ Studio and 3D in general ever time I do one of these, so it's all time well spent.

Feel free to put your own opinions and any feedback forward.
Kallisto mutant warrior genesis 6 by Jim-Zombie

This tutorial has been in the works a while now, but I've finally manage to sort through my workflow for rigging a garment item that is a bit more challenging than your average tightly conforming kit.

The tutorial covers ugly transfer tool jobs, weighting, distortion caused by Genesis 3 JCMs, and basic fixes within DAZ Studio that give us a cleaner mesh to work with.

It's not an easy tutorial, but I hope I explained the reasoning behind the workflow and it's value.
Have been doing a lot of prop modelling of late and wanted to share a little teaser of what I'm currently working on. The models are finalised, but they have not yet be UV mapped.

Shiny by Jim-Zombie
I'm a very happy cat. I've replaced one of my 780tis with a GTX 980ti I picked up off Ebay. The faster of the two 780s is now driving my monitor and the 980 is my primary compute card. Twice the RAM, and not an insignificant speed increase ^_^

My system runs a lot cooler with both of these rendering compared to the previous arrangement where my primary display card would often reach 87c +. At one point I had it underclocked during the hottest part of the year to stop it from cooking itself to death.

What are y'all running these days? I know a number of people are running the latest and greatest (of which I am deeply envious).
A couple of new articles up on DigiSprawl. First is a review of Iray Light Manager Pro, and the second is a tutorial on setting up actions and shortcuts (something very handy if you want to add Light Manager to your toolset).

I've got a few articles in the works at the moment: another short tutorial, some possible training material reviews, and a hardware article.
One of my major DAZ Studio project recently has been refitting and rigging an old V3 outfit for Genesis 2 and 3 Female. Part way through the process Esha's tutorial came out and I ended up on a bit of a crusade to understand and master creating JCMs and fixing some rather horrible messes made with the transfer tool.

I may not have master JCMs yet, but I did end up writing a review that includes my experiences and other handy rigging material.…
Well, it has been a long, long time since I've managed to get all the way through my watch stack, but after a week of leisurely perusing and thousands, of images later I have done it. So much inspiration. So many favourites! To everyone I watch, thank you for sharing your works.

My brain is exploding with inspiration. It hurts a little.
DigiSprawl Banner by Jim-Zombie

With the dwindling of active community groups on DA I finally worked up the bravado to start one myself. It's early days, with the group only being up for about a day now, but we already have a few members. The idea is to build it up into a thriving, all inclusive group for "poserverse" artists.

Come join us. We have a humble beginning, but an eye to be one of the best community groups on DA.
At the suggestion of a friend I have started working on some original characters. I figured a basic humanoid would be a fun place to start. I exported a basic mesh out of Lightwave and got to rigging it in DAZ Studio. I didn't notice till I'd just about finished the basic weight maps, but a bone was out of place. I attempted to place it where it should go, but the bones weren't moving during edit as they should. It's late, so I'll have to puzzle over this some other time, maybe tomorrow.

Anyone else out there creating their own characters and rigging them in DS?

Bones by Jim-Zombie
I love this city. I'm here having a holiday from reality in reality. Good food, good music, good gardens, big bloody bridge with obnoxious sight-blocking guard rails. I spend all my money but its OK. Totally worth it.

Unfortunately I leave in the morning. Back to the uncertain future with its bleak forecast of fire and brimstone.
Jim is counter attacking by kicking life in the teeth. He is launching a highly self-indulgent (and badly drawn) webcomic, which he hopes will humorously explore the deepest elements of his internal struggles to win his life back from certain doom.

The introductory episode of Jim Is can be found at CyberageFunk
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I was going to post here, but I decided it really required a full blog post and decided to use that OTHER blog.…

In short, to my freakish friends here. Stay true to your freakishness don't ever try to be normal. It will burn you forever more to try to be normal for just one day. And yes, I really am drinking wine out of a box, but indeed, I am, however briefly, transferring it to a glass reservoir. Someone take me home to where I really belong. Earth is killing me.
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Whelp, I have to say that I'm still not a Reality fanboy (let alone convert). I can live soundly with that. I'm sure my review will have Paolo grinding his teeth, but that's what happens when you blog. He wasn't too happy about the last post mentioning Reality... It's not a bad program, but without some of the more important LuxRender engine tweaks and options, and more advanced glossy translucent/volume configurations it just isn't going to get my vote.

Full Reality 4 review, as usual, is up on DigiSprawl
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I'm sure lots of you are getting an email from Preta 3D with the good news about Reality 4.1, but for those that have no idea what's going on. Reality 4.1 is due for release on the 21st of the month. Lots of new goodies in Lux 1.5, but what it really comes down to is that it's fast on CPU and brings a huge update for GPU rendering. Very exciting stuff... even if I did just order a second GTX 780ti :D

YouTubes of Paolo giving us the lowdown on Reality 4.1…

Blog Post at DigiSprawl
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Now that Iray is integrated into DAZ Studio was easy to finally talk myself into getting that Geforce card I've wanted a long time now. Well, truth be told it isn't the one I REALLY want, but I don't have Titan X cash sitting around. I settled for a "rarely used" GTX 780 Ti. It was a carefully considered and researched purchase. I did spend a little more than I would have liked but it was far from some of the outrageous prices I've seen on other new and used 780 Ti cards out there.

Putting all that research to good use I put together an article about selecting a card for CUDA based engines (particularly Octane and Iray).

Anyone else looking at getting set up for Iray? I'm stupid excited! :)
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I've been putting off working on my animation assessment and instead been playing around with DAZ Studio's latest addition, Iray. As a fan of unbiased rendering engines it is very exciting to have this new tool in DAZ Studio. I put an article together for DigiSprawl giving my first impressions, a brief overview of how to use it and comparison with LuxRender.

In this test I configured Iray's uber shader for a complex translucent/SSS surface. Rendered to 5000 samples taking about 9 hours on 7 threads (i7 4770). Still very noisy, but given the lighting conditions and material this is not unexpected.

Cube6 by Jim-Zombie
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zombotX by Jim-Zombie
A lot has happened since I last posted a journal here almost a year ago. Those were bad days. I was going through one of those really bad breakups where everything looses most of its meaning. Takeaway, booze, loads of old TV shows, scrabble and video games. That's how I dealt. Some people seem to be able to

channel all their emotions into art. I couldn't. I did actually spend a lot of time trying to get some work done, but it was all very painstaking and mostly didn't turn out.

It's been over a year since the break, and things are finally looking much better. I've started studies at the Academy of Interactive Entertainment (Advanced Diploma of Screen and Media - VFX an animation) here in Canberra, gone back to blogging and starting to pick up momentum with modelling and all that other 3D goodness. During the past year I've occasionally posted to a new blog, CyberageFunk, which is mostly just me writing about whatever the hell I feel like blogging about. So, lots of personal stuff there, but also a diversity of arts and pop science related stuff.

DigiSprawl fared badly during the pizza and booze days, but I have finally got through the backlog of comments and started posting again.
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I have removed the journal text, but out of my deep appreciation to the support and kindness of my friends here I am not deleting the post. I want their comments to remain as a reminder to myself, that no matter how bad things get, I have great friends here with generous hearts. Thank you all.

The journal was posted at a time of immense personal pain, and seemed like the only way I could reach out. I will be starting up a pseudo anonymous blog. As someone who has a passion for writing, I feel compelled to share my experiences. Good, bad, and all. It is therapy, and maybe my words will help others.

Thank you all. Moving on to brighter days.

A few days ago DAZ contacted me about their new character, Teen Jayden to see if I'd be interested in giving him a test drive. Of course I couldn't say no. Unfortunately the bundles weren't ready at that stage, but they did give me the keys to the base product, which comes with the morphs, two sets of textures (which are top notch) and shaders, and a set of poses. I've posted a full review at DigiSprawl